Monday, January 12, 2009

Poetry Posse ~ Self ~



One's consciousness of one's own being or identity; the ego: “For some of us, the self's natural doubts are given in mesmerizing amplification by way of critics' negative assessments of our writing” (Joyce Carol Oates).


Written From Self


Writing out our thoughts per se

In such a very public and revealing way

Gives 'The Self' expression, to some extent

And gives one the chance to represent

Thoughts, feelings, longings and or fears

To the readers reaction of contempt or cheers

Writing at times from the depth of our being

So much of self our readers seeing

We expose by choice and through our creativity

The thoughts we harbor which then, open up our vulnerability

As we declare in written word our thoughts and personal theories thus

They may be received with fervour and flurry or then again, silent hush

Because the garden of the mind flows free

And what we write is from what we see

Observe, encounter, mirror, or learn

The reader is left with the right to discern.

Was this a good reflection of the writers self

Or was this just copied from somewhere else.

Milli 09






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  1. that is beautifully expressed..:)

  2. Thank You Heather. I hope that you are keeping warm up there? Big Hugs too for such a great job on PP.

  3. Oh, Milli, I LOVE it!!! Especially the last line! Bravo! Bravo! Nothing left to say. I'm speechless! ;-D

  4. Nice retrospect of the writer's lament.

    Copied? Not hardly. More like thought provoking, well planned and sweetly done. 8=)

  5. Well this is the medium to use if you are that way inclined.
    Use me well too, if you have something in mind?
    As the trend setter you are, you are unlikely to copy
    Skilled, and as nearly as fast as your friend, 'Hoppy'

  6. I hate it when my muse takes vacation with you

  7. LOL, you are amazing Milli, Love it!

  8. i concur to everything you wrote above.
    sometimes, it is a beautiful thing to express our thoughts
    then again, it can be disconcerting for those who can't understand.

    poignant in a very revealing way. love your entry, as always.

  9. we expose by choice and through our creativity.......
    at times maybe to achieve a level of objectivity
    a burning or a silent yearning to be understood,
    a need to declutter our inside of some, not so and some very good...
    one's mind gets a new lease....
    achieves something akin to peace?

  10. :) A beautiful Musing, Dear Milli Musing. You live, Your experience, You express, and those are True Moments. How the reader takes it is completely up to them. They rely on their experience, their life to interpret and those are True Moments too. Let it be Milli, for one who knows beauty, beauty is what they see in what others express.

  11. I often wonder how much of my own self I disclose when I write - you have written exactly as it is .

  12. This is great-- I think our poems reflect the same feeling just put to different words! do you think it is because we love to write?

  13. so true!
    writers' vulnerability.. readers' right to discern..
    nicely expressed

  14. Opsssy, I have been here.
    Have a great day, Ms. Milli

    ~ Deity

  15. This, my dear, from a reflection of your self...a very good reflection. Great sharing.

  16. This is superb, Milli! I like it a lot!

  17. Very nice, love your words /:-)