Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creative Challenge #35 ~~ Colourful ~~

  Colourful People



How often when you sit and stare

Do you notice the colours people wear

Purple for the proud

The elegant in the crowd

Orange for those who have energy to spend

Orange a favourite of mine my friend

Green lush on a landscape of trees and grass

As a colour on some it represents class

Blue the colour of the sky and sea

A stand apart colour for both he and she

Yellow not  a popular choice for some of us

It makes a nice colour though for a bus

Red the colour of passion and lust

Worn with confidence it is a must

Black speaks of a more formal attire

It speaks also of those who aspire

Grey works best on those from the business class

 As a coordinating colour, you can't surpass

Basic brown?

Now please don't frown

This colour works well all around

As for pink, it is pretty for sure

Once you wear one piece you want more

If it is white you wear remember don't sit on the grass

White attracts everything so I will pass

Now let  me combine some colours here for you

As People wearing different colours 

Give us all, such an interesting view.

Milli 2009




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Post script.

I took the photo of the young lady at our Royal Show last year and as it is at all these shows people can buy different head ware.  The young lady chose something as unique as I think her personality quite possibly might also be.

The stall is selling our ever popular iced coffee. Consumed here in abundance by those who love the product so much and it is consumed Iced of course. 






  1. Great description of colors and matching them with human instincts is marvelous.

  2. I think you look fine in Red, a colour used for those whose hearts are bled.
    You know not of them, there are too many, whom with you life would be merry.
    Pass me this, hold that still, as I photograph this at my will.
    On second thoughts, I rest my case. I could not keep up this merry chase.
    I would change from Red to Grey, departing, faltering, I wend my way.

  3. These are wonderful descriptions of colors. When I got to yellow I realized it's such a sunny and light color - something a cheery as the morning. But I must say, when I wear yellow I look like I should go back home to bed as I look like I died the day before. (No, this is not poetry. Just a description of yellow.) Hugs!

  4. Wow Bill I loved your reply and thank you.
    Now all I have to say
    Is smile back as you wend your way.

  5. I am laughing at your response Marcia. I as a young woman wore a beautiful linen yellow suit a few times and although I loved it because it was so gorgeous it then just sat in my wardrobe for some time and I hardly ever wore it or Yellow again. It is a colour that if you can wear it then it can look super although it is very rare to find it worn very much here. I am like you though and love the bright and beautiful sunny yellows.

  6. Thanks Ary and I appreciate your comment.

  7. so creative and yes it was fun to read! awesome Milli!

  8. Milli... what a marvellous interpretation of each basic colour and its influence on the wearer! You could be a good psychologist along with the creative writer you are. Thanks so very much for colouring my day....

  9. Thanks Danette for giving me a reason to write.

  10. You are most welcome my dear colourful friend. LOL

  11. Ms Milli I love the way you describe the colors and what they mean...and when written out in the different colors....reminds me of a beautiful rainbow!!! Beautiful said and expressed thanks for sharing

  12. Toto..I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

  13. Kool Kolors!!! I love this poem!! :P

  14. This is wonderful Milli. Brilliant.

  15. Ah Toni, the rainbow what a wonderful thought you had.

  16. Thanks Rosie Colours truly are amazing. I am a colour freak myself.

  17. Good to have you over stranger and even better to have you in the group.

  18. Thanks Emma for coming to the colour parade.

  19. I loved this! Very colorful indeed!

  20. I know that you love colourful people too Vickie. Thanks for the visit.

  21. This is so very, very clever, Milli, and it rhymes! Great work!!

  22. This is friggn fantastic, joyful and fun

  23. Love the poem and the picture. Thanks for sharing.