Friday, January 2, 2009

CC~ 34 ~ Symphony


He is The Son of Symphony!!!



“Hi Maxine will you come to the Concert with us? I heard that there are plenty of tickets left for tomorrow nights show and I know that you love to hear the beautiful music played by Andre Rieu and his back up artists.” Book for me too” she announces” I wanted to go but not on my own. Call me back with the details please?”


It is now that my mind makes a flashback to Christmas the previous year. “Have you heard much of Andre Rieu?” She enquires of me as my friend comes around for dinner one evening just before Christmas.


“No I reply very little. Why?”


“I have this DVD of one of his concerts and I thought that you might like to play it after dinner” Sure thing” I reply as I continue on with dinner preparations and more interruptions than usual that evening.


All done and we settle down to watch the DVD and I am hooked after such a short time. I love the presentation and vibrancy of Rieu and his orchestra and his singers, send chills through my body with their talent and professionalism. I am hooked.



Andre Rieu the son of a Symphony conductor, Limburg Symphony Orchestra of Holland and the Leipzig Opera, and he has awakened my love for the classics and more as well.



“Hi Maxine I have the tickets and I have opted for the cheapies this time because the view should be spectacular from up in the grandstand”. “Did you arrange our trip to the football stadium she asks inquisitively” It will be a piece of cake” I reply because our state run transport company has supplied a free ride to all who wish to take the bus from the local shopping centre.

So no hassle's we will sail through”.


This said I am one who does not take public transport very often, however, I do like to use it whenever it is available for special trips like this one.


All went well as we sailed along to the destination, a bus load of people from all walks of life with one thing in common. We all enjoy great music and a wonderful night out.


The master of entertainment was no let down. From the moment we arrived one could feel the excitement mounting. Our Tickets collected and it was off to find our seating. Ah! what an evening from our high vantage point

we could see the evening turn to night and with the help of the stage and venue lighting it was pure magic.


I know I was transferred via this magic to the Palace in another Time and Place. Andre Rieu was the ultimate host for this adventure of the highest delights. Sensory stimulating appealing were the sights and sounds to everyone in this huge arena, and especially to those in our small corner where time seemed to just float by on the musical wings of angels.


As we sat betwixt and so besotted by the extraordinary amount of energy, emotion and talent before our eyes. I felt my emotions changing between tears of joy and gratitude to laughter and sheer delight at such a fast pace.


The Joy of music and especially timeless and beautiful music can capture your heart and soul and linger in your self leaving pleasure in your being for much time to come.

My thanks to Andre Rieu ~

  ~‘The Son of Symphony Himself!’ ~



Very Happy and now at Home and munching out at 1am in the morning, we vowed that we will make it our reward and a goal for 2009 to go and see more live entertainment. So in December 2008 the booking has been made for a very special and funny event coming our way here in March 2009.

You will hear more about it as we get closer to the event and this one, if I am to give any hint at all, sits well with my profession most definitely.

Lets just say this one will be totally titillating….LOL


Cheers!!! and here is to! Good Fun times in 2009..


Life truly is what you choose to make it to be!

Milli 2009



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  1. Oh Milli, I remember when you went to this performance this year and I was SO envious! From your description I wish I could have been there with you. :-) Your idea about going to more live performances this year is a great one. We have a few things up here periodically and we try to get to them when we can. :-)
    Take good care of you and have a most glorious New Year!

  2. Thanks so much Marcia and I have already thought of a few things that I had lapsed over time and that I will go to in the enjoy there too!!!! Hugs@

  3. Thanks Dana it was true magic even if you do not enjoy classics Andre makes them so inviting...

  4. wow it all sound so amazing, i agree there is something about live music that completely penetrates the soul...

  5. Wow, that must be a very beautiful hear such great talent play beautiful music...

  6. Ah great one for the theme Milli. The pics are fab too!

  7. Wow Milli you've got me intrigued, I will have to check out his music now! The photos are just lovely too.

  8. This is a link to my photos also a youtube video and a small video made by myself. Please feel free to look here as well.

  9. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  10. This was very well received by me! Thank you for stopping in!

  11. I think I can say a melomaniac.... Being so, your writing brought me a good feeling and excellent imagery and so have the fantastic photos. Bravo!

  12. Thank you our sweet Aussie mm..I love all kinds of music as you do also..I am sure I would have enjoyed being there with you that magic night millie..'HAPPY NEW YEAR MATEY'
    Arohanui Jacqui ((hugs)) x

  13. Sounds like a great time! The pictures were fantastic!

  14. I havent ever been to a Live Performance(yeah, I know its pathetic, but I cant stand too much noise). Your words tell you you had the Time of Your Life :).