Monday, December 15, 2008

Poetry Posse ~ A Letter to Santa ~


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A Letter To Santa From Aus~

Hello Santa up in sky

Mummy says I can wave goodbye

To the bicycle I wish for so much

She says this year Santa has lost touch

I don't know what she means

I said my prayers and ate them beans

But mummy's been stressed out these days

Seems daddy works, for not much pays

And Santa, My lil sis she'd like a new dolly

But mummy says, it won't happen, pro'lly

Santa I heard 'em talkin about some hard times have hit

 Said "Things look bad but we'll get over it

That's what dad says to me mum

"Ride this one through, better things will come"

But I was thinkin' to myself

If I send a letter to Santa or his Elf

 He'll read my little wish, yep! a bike for me and a doll for sis

So it's me! typing in my very best

An email letter

Cause ya know Santa? From school I got your address


All the kids here say that you will make it through

So Santa We Are All Counting On You.

To give Mum and Dad a Christmas break

Cause whatever you bring us will help to make

 Christmas this year a Special Day

Thanks Santa that's all I got to say!

Cause  me teacher's calling me out to play!

Oops Santa.. This is From BJ!

Milli 08

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  1. I like the touch and use of language here. I suspect very reflective of an Aussie child. Very nice, Milli. Huggers 8=)

    Odd sometimes how children will be so intent on Christmas and Santa, but when it's playtime ... well, it's time to play!

  2. That's a wonderful little letter to Santa. Yes, even kids seem to know that we're heading into hard times. This reminds me of something I heard back in the late 80's or early 90's. It was a little boy asking his father what a recession was. The father answered: "A recession is when you get underwear for Christmas." Thanks for the poem! ;-D

  3. LOL, very cute Milli, that inner child in you really comes out doesn't it? Great letter to Santa baby!

  4. very gave me a giggle!

  5. awwww, ms. milli. that is so sweet. i hope santa reads this.

  6. You would make a good Elf. lol
    Put up a pic fro my cheapo. Click it to grow and download if you want to use it.

  7. Many of us have/are having hard times. I think your letter probably reflects what many children around the world want Santa to know.

  8. This is for sure a poem for today! Well written-- I'm afrais many will not have a Christmas in gifts this year!