Saturday, November 15, 2008

Creative Challenge~ A Long Process

The phrase/word: a long process

Creative Challenge.




The Long Process


Over the years we have stacked and stored

Most of those treasures we love to hoard

The fancy clock with glass less door

All of those boxes of books on the floor

A ‘where to hang’ old piece of art

Sometimes I wonder where to start

Then there is the antique wicker cot

Still not restored,  nor left to rot

Yes all those things are in the back shed

Including a mattress and a spare bed

Things we might 'just need one day'

Or Objects "d' art", gathered along the way

The shed is full of so many unusual things

There is even a fish that actually sings

It has taken years to collect all this matter

Some might call it junk or even clutter

Collecting has been a long process of sorts


Before you start with all those taunts

Go look in the cellar or up in the roof

Where you too will find, the proof

That as we lived from day to day

Some things we just could not throw away

Until the time comes to say “no more”

And the shed becomes your online store.

Milli 08.



  1. I loved that one - don't we all have those memoria somewhere

  2. LOL thanks Pat..I think we do. I am trying to make the little video of the singing fish LOL.

  3. LOL My son actually has one of those singing fish! And the rest sure sounds familiar. For the last 5 years I have been clearing out things by offering things on It may take me another 5 years before I make any headway. lol Great poem Milli!
    Thanks for stopping by, and yes Jim did read my poem. He even left a comment and sent a very long PM.

  4. I tell my wife that when I go all my stuff will be gone in a week.
    Use it or loose it here unless you hide stuff.
    We are so spotless a grain of dust seems like a mountain.
    There are benefits though.
    Well there must be.
    Can't think.

  5. Hi thanks for lovely poem simple n plain keep it up friend

  6. Beautiful poem Ms Mili thanks for sharing and stopping by mine too!!!

  7. *laugh'n* at the online store .. that was just a wonderful poem and so very very true (have you been looking in my basement?)

  8. Hilarious and sweet at the same time...very good writting. And unfortunately I identify so well, there is stuff that I cant throw away that isnt worth taking to the dump..LOL

  9. LOL such a cute ending...I usually just give my things to the Salvation Army (much easier but not as prosperous!)

  10. Great! I'm looking at the detritus of ages here---we've cleared away pretty well at least three times before, & it's time again to pry away the junque! Loved the poem!

  11. I love that! I think I have to take a look and do away with those that I don't need. Very nice entry, indeed!

  12. This is SO damn cute and true...

    chuckling in heartfelt laughter

    you rock

  13. LOL thanks Diana does the fish sing two songs? lol thanks for the link to freecycle too. Great to hear about Jim too!

  14. Oh Bill you are just too darn cute. I can imagine how well you keep everything and I am sure the photography business installed this type of de-clutter and cleanliness into you both there.

  15. Thank You Shiv and you are always so welcome.

  16. LOL thanks for your visit and I am sure that their are treasures in that there basement of yours too!

  17. LOL Miss Vickie so funny.... Not worth taking to the dump LOL.

  18. Sometimes the salvation army don't even want what we have kept so neatly stacked away..Great idea though Danette.

  19. Each decade requires a clean out Joy and then if we miss one wow we have antiques ...almost! LOL.

  20. LOL Thanks Tina and I am sure that you 'treasures' would be only a few.

  21. What a wonderful poem, Milli!!!!! How true! How true! Bill is the great organizer of closets, sheds and the garage. He's even threatened to go through the closet in the guest bedroom. How dare he! That's where all my treasures are stored. Funny thing, my stuff is clutter or junk and all of his stuff falls under the classification of treasure. I must say, I do need to go through this computer room/office. I have a stack of "To Be Filed" papers that's approaching a foot tall. Hmmm. Maybe that would be a good project for tomorrow! :-D
    Thanks for the cute poem! I loved it!
    Hugs - Marcia

  22. Oh Marcia can I relate to YOU! LOL. All the best with the sorting through and I think it is time for me too!

  23. LOL...I love the playfulness in this lovely write. Your depiction of a shed is starkly precise!

  24. I love this Milli... so enjoyable to read! I have a shed like you and a houseful of what my daughter calls 'the museum'... and I've been thinking about selling on the internet too lol. Great poetry!

  25. Oh terrific!! and I am glad for you an inspiring poem LOL.

  26. Thank you Crystal I love to see the funny side of everything

  27. Brilliant this Milli. I'm the same, lots of junk that i can't bear to see go, thinking one day.It is nice though to pick up things you thought long chucked out and live the memories. Some of these old folks are sitting on gold mines too, yet don't know it. I enjoyed reading this Milli; a touch of reality