Monday, October 27, 2008

Millis Cyber Transylvania Diary Day Two.


Day Two

He has arrived the count himself.


Count Drac as his personal staff call him arrived via Siberia on the Midnight express. The most amazing dragon sled I have ever seen.




Right in the middle of the special theatrical event eloquently narrated by the Bard Himself the sky turned a blood red and it was then that Franz went absolutely crazy. He climbed up on a wall arching his back like a banshee on steroids.

Speaking of steroids these have helped his frozen fur syndrome remarkably well.

The only draw back seems to be that he now is growing fur on his tongue. I will have Hand the resident hairdresser carefully manicure and also shave him tomorrow.

Well now getting back to Drac. What an entrance he made, interrupted everything for at least ten minutes.




 His personal minders Drongo the samurai warrior and Captain Hook moved all of us guests aside, in no uncertain manner at that I might say, as they made Drac comfortable in his reclining black silk lined coffin.


Then it was back on with the show. I have included a small poem for you all to read. It is my summery of the Bards Story and when he was finished the applause was deafening, as everyone sculled their drinks after clanging them together vigorously, which incidentally sounded more like shattering bones…

Ah so much Fun!! And So little time as the Days just fly by. Tomorrow promises to be very eventful and I will be here happy snapping for you all.


Ciao From Milli.



The Bards Story as Retold by Milli.  




Alas Poor Yorick

Two clowns are digging in a field

When such a gruesome find is thus revealed

Before their eyes as Ophelia's’ grave is being made

A skull appears on one clowns spade.

Hamlet and Horatio were passing by

Morbid jokes were flying high

When the skull of Yorick a frolicsome rogue

Changed their gay abandon, dialogue

The skull grotesque, and smelly too

Repulses Hamlet and sickens him which in turn changes his view

About the grisly demise of princely princes who are well to do


As now the kings own court jester is rotting, not like Hamlet once knew

It is to Hamlet that both clowns now turn

Horatio also in attendance as Hamlet says

“Ti's Yoricks’ skull here, now hand it down”

Holding Yoricks’ skull in hand, Hamlet in tormented voice

Recites rhetoric, about this jester the kings favourite choice

“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite
jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a
thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is!
My gorge rises at it”

Milli 2008



Leaving you with a glimpse into the future from My friend Hela Minas Crystal Ball.
Or was that Fangs Board or Davericks Dream time.????



Diary Day One Entry is Here.


  1. Ha ha Milli, just awesome! So funnny and the pics are just incredibly clever. Just one question he he, how will the cats manicure help with the tongue fur? Maybe a tonguecure would be more efficient hehe!
    Spooky back ground! You are really getting into the whole Halloween thingie, is that a big thing in Oz?
    I'm so looking forward to reading more, you are just brilliant at this, a natural witch if there ever was one he he he BOOOOO! Gotta fly, now where is that broom when I need it???

  2. Ah my Dear Mia just a few little words I left out and you my dear have given me the location for where they are needed. I am so glad that you are enjoying my creative madness here too. I was glad that I had some good photos to use for this Halloween theme and all they needed was a bit of tweaking. Hope to see the beautiful witch Mia again soon. As for your question about Halloween here no it is not a biggy actually.BTW Here borrow one of mine as I have a Broom store full of them LOL.

  3. I loved this, Milli. What a coincidence, I had trouble sleeping a few evenings past, and wound up turning on the television just a few minutes into "Hamlet". I, so enjoyed watching this version in which Billy Crystal played the part of one of the grave diggers. The movie was 4hrs. in length.

  4. hahahaaaa totally awesome....................

  5. Halloween Hamlet - who'd a thunk it? The bard's revenge may get you - BOO!

  6. hahaha You do great work gf!! :o) HUGS

  7. I commented on this on yr 360 site. I hope you were able to see that at least.

  8. Oh my, I'm so glad I came along! So sorry to be so late. Please forgive, after all, punctuality is the courtesy of kings. Something I try to remember on a daily basis; however, there are times...ahhh yes.
    I do enjoy a good grave digging and skulls all around. Hamlet is such a cleaver soul and certainly knows his lines. I'm afraid I won't be able to stay long, I have brewing to do and my broom is in the shop. Imagine having to arrive on a loaner. I swear, I'm going to swipe a newer one from that wretched witch.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you on the morrow. Take good care and do attend to Fritz, he's such a dear - confused, but such a dear wee soul.
    Ciao - Marcia

  9. Oh lordy, this is hilarious, Shakespear could have done well borrowing your humour... You do know you have a good sense of humour dont you?