Monday, October 27, 2008

Milli's’ Happy Snaps and Updates from Transylvania.

OH Happy Days....sing with me...


This week as a lead up to Halloween I am presenting a some what different Travelogue.

The Milli Chronicles or entries into my visit to Transylvania, of the cyber kind.


So with out further Adieu I bring to you

Day One.

T' was a Dark and Gloomy night.
Aww forget that, this is the Halloween Happy Hour.
HHH to all you Newbies.
So let me begin.
Kathys comments

I arrived none the worse from my bumpy broomstick ride.

Knowing full well that I should have spent more money on my stick padding than I did. I found about half way here and I am guessing because the odometer is not working, that would have placed me somewhere above Africa, I had developed a carbuncle on my derriere. Franz my cat also suffered from frozen fur syndrome.

This will be very difficult for him because he will take many days in the sun now to thaw out. Franz does not like the sun.

Boris met me as I touched down and parked my vehicle in the broomstick cupboard. An amazing place is this castle. Dark and gloomy and full of the best spiders webs I have ever seen. Lucretia Borge eat your heart out. OH! Did I say that HEEHEE. The locals around here say that the castle is haunted and talk about the deadbeats up on the hill. Personally I find it a very appealing and homely place.


My welcome went well and I took the grand tour. Boris is the hottest host with truly the most wicked smile. He tells me that tonight we will all gather in the garden for a frank discussion with the guest of honour himself Lord Frankenstein!


Below whereI toured a a local bat's cave.

I am sure that this entertaining evening will turn into a very meaty conversion, oops I mean conversation.

So for now I sign off and settle in for an afternoon nap. The night I am sure will be a long one.

“Franz! here Franz, mummy is calling you..

Come on now Franz, drop that bat there, he may be a guest.”

Ciao from Milli



The local Arrivals and Departures Hangar




To see Day Two Diary Entry

Click Here


  1. Oh dear! Poor, poor Franz The Cat! I'm sure if he could be placed on a heating pad of some sort he may thaw out by your Halloween Happy Hour. Hmmm. Funny you should be having broom problems as well. Although mine is nicely padded, the radio went out last week. I'm afraid it's getting rather old - not that I am, my dear. As you know, when I saw you last Halloween's Happy Hour, my broom was on it's last straws. I was soooo tempted to switch it with that awful witch, you know who, and let her ride home, sputtering all the way. Oh that would have be such good fun. However, being the nice witch that I am, I couldn't think of doing such a thing - oh yes, I guess I already had, but none the less...

    I look forward to seeing you again. I'm afraid my old old cat died last year and I haven't found a decent one since. Oh well, What's a witch without her cat? I suppose the SPCA might have something.

  2. LOL Oh Marcia it is so good to have you aboard. HEHEHE you certainly know how to get into the veins of the conversation LOL. I am so sorry to hear about your little old cat. Maybe we can resurrect you a cat-eye from the Mausoleum here. LOL@ the broom on the last straws last time I saw The Hand he was on his Last Fingers LOL..This will be an interesting journey please return again for more tit bits...

  3. Ha ha Milli, I thought this was a response to the Gator Halloween Challenge, I must check the other one out. I love what you wrote and the images, very well done! Looking forward to reading more.

    Here is a link to my Hell-Oh-weeeeen scare, if you'd care to take a look lol

  4. plat0's True Hallowe'en Story For Milli - Pt. #1 - Walking Home :

    Walking home through a dark suburban night. Her car had broken down on the way back from a late visit to her internet office down town. "God" she thought, "a killer loose in town and here I am walking home." The night air was cold as steel and she drew her collar tighter as she hastened her stiletto steps. "Not so far to go and then a warm bath, a glass of wine and off to bed." she assured herself.

    As she hurried along her imagination was working overtime. Despite being 'sensible' that prickly feeling kept coming and going. "Get a grip of yourself," she thought "the odds of being attacked by this homicidal cannibal rapist are like winning the lottery.. nothing to worry about, stop being silly." Yet still her speed increased as she hurried along the tree lined lane beside the local park.


    she heard a footstep behind !

    Her heart skipped a beat. Her pace increased. Her mind was dizzy with fear. "Its just the wind in the trees," she said to herself, "just the wind and nothing more."

    Pt : #2 soon..


  5. Aww Pla I was so enjoying this story and it looks like my stiletto's squashed the end of the text... Milli spits the dummy and storms off into the night..Love the photo.

  6. You love it now BUT you will learn to FEAR it later !


  7. Wink wink..I am very fear full Pla... of those darn stilettos...they are a very poor choice for Broomstick landing gear.

  8. Ciao, Milli! Happy snaps & wishes! Have Fun!

  9. LOL, healing wishes for that nasty lil carbuncle. Do investigate that haunted castle further for me, it sounds lovely : )

  10. Hysterical. Love your writing style Milli.

  11. O! sh*t! Errrm. . . I mean O!, kitty litter! I certainly hope Franz has had his rabies shot; that may well have been a bat out of hell. I love the holiday overhaul you've done on your page. Green is my favorite color. I shall return for the rest of the story.

  12. LOL!!! Can you teach my wife how to fly. She has her own broomstick but is having trouble getting airborne. BOO WHOO!!

  13. LOL! I'm thinkin' you meant tidbits - unless you have a guest bowl of bit o' tits for those darn zombies that are always dropping body parts.

  14. Now listen up you lot and don't get sore on a broomstick begat of gore
    Not for you Milli's horny bough, contact me and get one now
    Take a stride and come with me, away from her cat so filled with fleas
    It is your choice I'm sure, but I'm willing to please, I'm a Warlock.
    No not that stupid you row with them, and not that either they can break your toes.

  15. Oh Milli this is such great fun. I will be back on my own computer soon and will have to get back to read them all. Loving you and missing you.

  16. this is wonderful Milli!! I did enjoy it and got a good chuckle from it as well! :o) HUGS

  17. I once put Buster on the back of a jetski - he promptly flew off. So, I guess the broomstick gig won't fly, so to speak.

  18. wahhhhhh some reason I can't see it...just have a x'd box

  19. Thanks Beth and I am glad you caught the humour so well.

  20. Oh Crystal this is so funny the Hamlet story and especially when you sat there for 4 hours LOL. I am glad mine was not a four hour long version LOL you would all leave me high and dry LOL.

  21. LOL now that is such a funny vision in my mind Nick LOL

  22. LOL your thinkin was incorrect LOL. Ghoulies an all. Oh how those zombies and g's love those tit bits LOLLL Tid bits too.

  23. Laughing out loud at Bill the Bard of the cockney quarters
    Put away your cats and lock up your daughters..

    Bill the Warlock what a sport he is..LOL

  24. Hey rita does it remind you a bit of the Texan tour? Now that was funnnn!

  25. LOL oh Cris we do need to write something together and the bit about Buster ..Priceless ..LOL
    Hang in there Cris there are other ways to fly LOL.

  26. You are so clever. Only last night I watched a show about Dracula inly to find out he is now a hero in Roumania.

  27. How interesting Ronnie and I had better underline that this is not the real Transylvania only the Cyber one LOL.

  28. Did you post day three? I'm not seeing it if you did.

  29. Not yet Crystal but I will be.....I have done the photo album and if you like to see that please do so..You will love the Hunk of a man I am sure. LOL.

  30. plat0's True Hallowe'en Story For Milli - Pt. #2 - Nearly Home :

    A few hours earlier she had virtually flown out of the house as a result of an urgent call from her internet office. "You better get over here, the server's just gone on strike and we have quite a few angry customers on our hands." It had taken several hours to work through and she was exhausted. THEN the car breaking down a mile from home with a psycho-killer on the prowl !

    The wind stirred the park trees and flurries of dead leaves danced in the air as she hurried along the dark lane. "Calm down, nearly home, nothing but the wind and my tiredness," she repeated to herself like some mantra.

    There it was again, a footstep. As if something had gotten slightly out of measure with her own steps.

    "Don't panic," she said to herself, "it's just your imagination, simple tiredness coupled with overwork and lack of sleep." She was sounding like her mother reassuring her when she was a little girl, standing at the top of the stairs, bereft in her Pooh pyjamas, after a bad dream.

    A full moon edged out from behind clouds full of faces. The park lane lit up with pale theatrical lights and strange jagged shadows. "Bring on the clowns," she thought as the moon disappeared again and darkness returned - only more so.

    "Nearly home now, another 1/4 mile."

    She hurried on..

    Pt : #3 soon..



  31. Poor Franz(giggling)... a cure for carbuncle would win the scientist a Nobel Prize..

  32. Well at least you got there.
    Some Witches have been known to loose their Broomstick in transit. lol
    Some is bleeding over me?

  33. Vlad the Impaler sends his best greetings. I never learnt to ride a two wheeler bike, so I would probably have more trouble with a broomstick. I am sure you will have an eventful holiday.