Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative Challenge~ 22 Elusive Dreams

Elusive Dreams.


Milli with the French Guy


Elusive Dreams


When asleep my dreams

Go beyond the imagination

Or so it seems.


Dreaming of distant places

Idyllic destinations where I meet

And greet many happy faces


Exclusive are my dreams

When on an exotic beach faraway

All time stops, or so it seems


I dream of amazing views

With tall snow capped mountains

 And beauteous foregrounds, as vistas fuse


French villas from windows I peek

Inspiring gardens across the globe

These too, I wish to seek


My elusive dreams become so real

When I wake in the morning, I have travelled

That’s how I feel.


If dreams are the for runner of things to come

Then my daydreams and my nightly visits

Have opened up my horizons, some!!


Elusive maybe for today’s income

These dreams give me a glimpse of my future

That might be, very soon to come.


Milli 08 

The photo above is not mine. However my Multiply Friend Mark Sherman 'Photographer amazing!' has dared me to use it because I made a comment on this photo in his post.


The comment I made was:


"French and dapper too!
I personally love the view!! ..Behind him LOL."
Now Mark has run with this and made the photo above.
His comment left under the photo was this:
" :):):) hey Milli, c'mon , admit it, you wouldn't mind having a French boyfriend like him?
just think of all the French Camembert cheese and French perfume he would bring home, eh? LOL"
Now I am a gracious lady and have brought his latest comment into my post here for fun!!
LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Mark now that will definitely NOT please me!!!! ROFLOL.
So pleaseeeee!! lets just admire the view of the little French villa LOL,
you are a big teaser.
All right, your wish will be respected, for now! :) I will consider NOT sending in the photo to the Local Counsel of Verdun. Give that man a little time to get used to the idea, eh? :) But, how about you'll organize a voting pool on your blog, and so, we'll find out what others will suggest over there?
C'mon Milli, we all know that you're a tough lady, you'll post this, wouldn't you? at least just for fun, wouldn't you?! LOL !!!"
So please all who read this, back me up here?  Even though it suits me to sit and look out that gorgeous little French window as per my poem above. Now tell me, does that little French dapper man suit me in the picture too!!!!?
Or is there another of you who would like to have your very own French Window and leave me to have my own elusive dreams, minus the Frenchman LOL?
All in the name of fun here and no offence ever meant to anyone. After all is said and done, elusive dreams maybe they are the best dreams to have after all!

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  1. I was thinking that house does not look very Australian!! Was wondering too about the last tww lines of the poem- what did you have in mind?? (big smile)

  2. great poem and image too by the way!!!!

  3. LOl thanks Keith..Visiting France countryside might just be something to look forward too! in the future. I am glad that you enjoyed the fun poem and photo. As for looking aussie no way there were no kangaroos or emus in the photo LOLL.

  4. LOL Pla you have Me looking out that window from the Southern Hemisphere. Perspective. I see you have placed yourself upright like our French friend. LOL

    no difference between
    poles apart.

  5. Great poem on your elusive dreams and places
    We have enough French in Switzerland - they come in all sizes and types - I am more for the Jean Reno type.

  6. People who live in Swizzleand eat too much pastry.

  7. Looks like a war of the Photoshops?
    Nice poem and a good original effort by yourself.
    Won't stay long this bugs on top are making me itch. lol

  8. Thanks for coming over but I do not enjoy or encourage the slanging match you play with my guests.. So conduct yourself in a reasonable manner Pla or do not play!!

  9. Thank You Bill. No war just different concepts.I certainly try to be creative and original LOL well I try!!
    Sorry about the bugs.

  10. Well one thing was clear in your dreams.
    You didn't visit me. lol

  11. Bill you are only across the Channel and you have such beautiful gardens there, that I expect a tour ok?

  12. Very very cute elusive dreams.... Milli, I hope visiting Lisbon will be one out of them that sooner or later will be materialized... After all, France is not that far from Portugal....Excellent photo...
    Thanks for your visit and comment dropped. Have a great day...

  13. This is too funny, Milli! The photo, that is, not the piece. I love what you penned here; a lovely write, indeed. Now, as for the photo. I didn't notice anything peculiar at first, second nor even third glance. Upon reading Bill's remark regarding a photoshop war, though, prompted me to have another look. This is when I took notice of the magic mushroom growing miraculously out of concrete and your amazing ability to peer through windows while standing on your head!

  14. Hello Crystal LOL you certainly have a great sense of fun in you too! Bill gave you the clues eh LOL
    I live in the southern hemisphere and you see I can not possibly sit the other way looking out that window from my position here, it is Mark who in the first instance gave me the dreamlike quality to see things from the French perspective. How clever of him. Now Crystal are you a fan of this particular French man as I am lead to believe that he is co ordinating his own clothing with the colours of his home?. I too seem to be doing the same co ordinating too! How unusual.

  15. Looks like you have visited Switzerland in your dreams with the "tall snow capped mountains". Your Frenchman is ok, but prefer the Jean Reno type. Looks like that part of the dream came true when you was looking out of his window. Nice Poem - and so true.

  16. That French fella is just too dang short! LOL!!

    Nice dream Milli!

  17. What a nice view of the house that is! I love French windows....I am sorry but I have no comment on the man on the photo......Your dream is not very elusive because you can travel and see those places, all it takes is a little patience, saving for that trip, that is....You can do it, go for your dream tour...

  18. I think I also prefer your Jean Reno type too Pat...LOL thanks for helping me here.

  19. Kitti that is exactly as I think too..I am no Josephine although he actually could be a Napoleon though.
    I guess that was a no from you too.

  20. Tina we agree we both love French Windows ..Great. thanks Tina it does take saving 'Ti's true.

  21. Ah Milli, such a house and such a man, I have often dreamed of...however you have it first, I will have to step aside..(sob, sob!!!) LOL

  22. Oh I do like this! It is good in its own right, but I do remember when the Caribbean was a dream that one day might happen. I can say I dreamed in the way you did; maybe one day, maybe one day I would get there .. .. until the day I did.

    It was my dream come true and closer destinations to me (from England) or lesser dreams from the practical sense and I got to see a lot. It's now been four times to the Caribbean and the dream did come true and I appreciate every single visit.

    This took me back in my mind and in my minds eye; I found it quite sentimental to me so I take to this very easily and very well written by you!!


  23. LOL!!!
    ...well, the French guy asked me to say this to you:
    "Well, darlin' I though that you liked me too, but I see you think I'm too short.
    But that's all right, there are some other women out there!!"

  24. Oh what fun! A beautifully penned version of what Elusive Dreams can be and a cute little photo to go with it!

    (I'll take the French guy if he comes with the house, French perfume, wine and cheese. but just for the vacation, then it's back to the States LOL...he's not too short for me, unless he's under 4'11")

  25. I then add to your 'Elusive Dream' ... Grinning

  26. This was a fun one. I enjoyed it immensely!

  27. How did you get your pic in the window?

  28. No Dear Vickie, fight off all the others and let him be your!! Frenchman.

  29. Thanks so much Frankie. I was so pleased to read of your elusive Dreamed becoming your reality and many times over as well. Thank you for your great comment too. the caribbean has always seemed such an exotic destination to me too!

  30. Mark LOL you turned him towards me and I see it in his expression he has other fish in his pond. I also see another in his window....Now what am I to say to My Friends Vickie and Danette Here, who think he is such a charmer?

  31. I am so glad you joined our fun here Danette and I think you could well and truly have your Elusive dream of a French VACATION with our dapper Frenchman if you speak nicely to Mark LOL.

  32. I am so glad that you enjoyed as it is all in the theme of fun here today.

  33. Bill!!!! I laughed myself stupid on your comment here......not that is was difficult to do for me......oh Dear Bill you looked the part and to add the Aussie hat to the photo too just topped it off for me.....
    Too good and my dreams will never be the same again..said grinning here LOL....Now what the heck did you write up there?
    I need an interpreter..Pat where are you?

  34. I did not place the photo there it was done by Mark Sherman. to answer your Question though Dave it is done with A program like photoshot where the second photo is placed as a layer over the original photo and then locked in as it would seem to belong in the first photo. I hope this explained it ok?

  35. My methods seem to work. Keep them wound up for productivity

  36. Try to keep it clean dear. Thank you.

  37. another : One Dog Campaign production


  38. Here ... Grinning

    "My sweet Milli, we could have made such beautiful music together, too!"

  39. Ah! Nice work, Danceinsilence, two, look so good together! :):)
    But, hey, you forgot to mention your offerings to Milli.
    As I am one of Milli's old friends, may I ask, what do you have to offer to Milli - in excess to what the French guy already mentioned? :)
    Cheers, mate!

  40. Hey Vickie, I think the French guy already has the hots for you, did you see that he chosen you in the next picture? :)
    It must be because you're such an attractive redhead? well, in any case, congratulations for switching his head from Milli to you!!! :):):)

  41. Hey Poetessgarden, I can try to get you hooked with the French guy, let me know if you would like me to forward your message to him. But before that, please write to Milli, and also to Vickie, just to make sure they wouldn't mind you attempting to get their newly conquered boyfriend :):):)

  42. I enjoyed the verses, felt like musical Triplets ;). Still laughing at all the comments on that Poor unsuspecting man.

    I so get these kinds of dreams, that exotic locale, the sands, the villas..(sorry I dont get that man *giggling*)... and most of all I perfectly understand that feeling of having travelled, the sense of tired legs and that sensation of having "FELT", on the waking.

  43. Thanks Mark for the revisit and I guess the answer to your question is now up here in print for all to read...LOL.

  44. LOL what a great answer from you Rashmi LOL. Yes I wonder if Mark knows our Frenchman and shares all these comments with him? I think he would have a mighty fine sense of humour in any case. I am also glad that I am not the only dream time traveller LOL no wonder we get exhausted so quickly in the day LOL we walked all night.

  45. He he, no, I don't know the French man, he just happened to be there when I was photographing the scene.
    But, if anyone is really interested ... :) ... she can always write with the photo to the Main Post Of Verdun and maybe a mailman would recognize him.
    Oh, I bet he would never imagine that so many people around the world are talking about him!

  46. LOL No he would not Mark..You are a stirrer you know!!!? LOL

  47. A wonderful entry girl. Hmmm not sure about the french guy though, he seems short and how will you ever get things off the top shelf?

  48. LOL love your comment here Mitch. Now you have placed another angle on this Frenchman..LOL good one.

  49. Very nice descriptive poem, and in a way, you did create the picture.

  50. Thanks eagle and no Mark Sherman did the photo.

  51. LOL funny and I think many do that LOL. Nice to have you along here.

  52. Gee, I can't believe what a stir you two, have created here :)
    Oh, c'mon Milli, can't you see people like the idea of you together with the French guy? ...even if he's too short for you, so what?
    I think that you should publish the Part Deux : "The Letter - Milli's Answer To French Guy's Proposal".
    ...that should really keep them busy for a while!!! :):):)