Thursday, September 4, 2008

Poetry Wednesday. The Edge.

All the best Sue as you take a long awaited retreat and thanks to our new relieving host Tim.

My take for today's Poetry Wednesday are a couple of photos of mine with added quotes.

I hope that you enjoy them.


Up High They Fly.


It is the beginning of our Spring season in this land down below and this is my welcome to Spring.


Kite in Flight



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  1. Lovely Milli. The pictures and the words compliment each other too.

  2. Delightful, Milli, in every way.
    Terrific graphics, too!

  3. Hi Shail thanks so much for visiting...Sue am glad that you also enjoyed and hope that my images are not taking up all of your screens there?

  4. Only 4 of my posts to go I think you should take my place and show us how to 'really' present a picture. lol
    I'm a 'has been'. A Blacksmith in a Supermarket Car Park looking for work
    Very good now how ---------

  5. Speak To The Heart :

    I live my dream
    travel my path
    speak to the heart
    floating free
    in silence
    you feel it
    warm embraces
    passing winds
    majestic mount fuji
    below misty valleys
    my master hakuin
    tattered wet hut
    are you my dream
    secret longings
    unfulfilled tears
    undying light
    flickering fire
    O spring of East !
    O my Jasmine bloom !
    O companion of Rumi !
    Enemy of Hafiz
    sword of separation
    garden of intimacy
    Hear this whisper
    touch this deep glance
    murmurings of dhuha
    my dove, my falcon
    my hoopoe and arrows
    between the lines
    mystic verses
    a spark is flaming
    a dew drop gathering
    a dust of divine destiny
    awaiting ....