Sunday, July 20, 2008

Creative Challenge #11

The only rule is whatever you post, it must be created by you (including photos)!!

The phrase:  honesty and understanding

Milli Musings

Waxing Lyrical.

Don’t you just love this saying?

Good little saying this one to wax lyrical and the meaning of it is below:

Wax lyrical

To talk about something with a lot of interest and excitement.

I read many posts that fit this saying on the blogs of friends and acquaintances.

In fact how wonderful it is when we read about exciting news with the sharing of each other’s interests, ideas, talents and events taking place in each of our daily lives.

Everything and anything when shared with such excitement and told with an element of interest becomes a part of us too.

Then how excited we also become for the one sharing their story with us which in turn promotes a good feeling all around.

Do you agree?

To me this is the heart of all good blogging and this is the element of sharing I want to aspire to. Do you?

Yes there are certainly times when we feel angry, frustrated, lonely, ignored and in many other negative states of mind and mood. 

The way we approach others when we are in a state of mind like any of the above will either give us a good vent to make us feel better at others expense or we can choose to do things differently. Not to loose sight that we own all of our emotions, good, bad or otherwise, and as is it is also in our capacity as human beings, that we would sometimes like someone else to wear them for us. 

Now I ask, what is the point of letting them loose to cause havoc and grief to others, when all that is needed is a quick check on our own mood barometer and 30 minutes or so more of thoughtful contemplation and then a choice of a different mind set, (yes we do have that capacity to change our thoughts, minds and moods if we care too, for better), before speaking our mind, which in turn can make a big difference to our happy and excited waxing lyrical friends, family or acquaintances and ultimately ourselves.

This week I have noticed an abundance of negativity which is becoming a blight on a medium that can be so power full and much more productive, given that we all use honesty and understanding with in our blogging community. 

I feel the need to also say that before I proceed, many people do just that, they remain productive and interesting and make Multiply and other blogging sites a truly rewarding experience for all concerned.

Waxing Lyrically and becoming excited, animated and enthusiastic about what we wish to share on our blogs is the very essence of creativity and gives us all an ideal arena to develop immense pride and satisfaction for the efforts we all put into this medium of social interaction and learning. We are never too old to learn that the beauty and abundance within us all is here to be found when we use respect for each other, honesty and understanding. So wax lyrical my dear friends to your hearts content and we will share with you, enjoy with you and treasure your friendship too.

I like this waxing lyrical. I will have to do it more often.

Care to join me?

mr percival watching skyshow 2003

Photo taken with my Ricoh camera as this delightful pelican stood with the crowd seated behind him, watching and enjoying the fireworks display on the banks of the river with us all. It was amazing to see the crowds reaction to him as he joined in the celebrations. I guess next day waxing lyrical to the other pelicans from his own society.

Creative Challenge 11

My own take on the worthy words above...Honesty and Understanding.


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  2. Milli, your words ring true. Shared joys is doubled. Thinking through before we speak keeps better ambience whereever we go. Honesty and Understanding are keys to knowing our own beauty. thank you :)

  3. Your words, Milli, ring true today and so will remain forever. I fully share your point of view. Have a great week.

  4. Very well said Milli and the photo is just divine.

  5. Yes what you say is absolutely true. A beautiful post for the theme of this week. Ty for sharing.

  6. great piccy do come up with some amaaaazzzzzzzing stuff.............

  7. Very well said - I remember my boss at work saying to me once he is not sure whether I am real or virtuell

  8. Thanks Rashmi Do have a lovely week off.

  9. Pla reminds me of the moon phases and also that little piece out of the karate kid movie...wax on wax off... LOL.... there is wisdom in that wax.

  10. Thanks Ronnie and also Thanks Belita.

  11. JR it was good to have your comment here.

  12. Thanks IFI I just loved that photo probably because the actual sky show was such fun. LOL and you come up with some amaaaazzzing stuff yourself.

  13. Your Boss was a character LOL. I am sure that you are real though. Thanks for your comment.

  14. Inspiration is everywhere and I recently said, encouragement equals words well spent...negativity is not what I like to give or receive

    Inspiring blog *wink*

  15. I don't think that repressing negativity is always the answer. Often we look to our community to hear our pain and thus, feeling heard, begin the trek back to balance. Sometimes the mere writing of hurt, anger or loneliness is enough to restore our balance. There is a sea of difference between exploring pain and inflicting more through our own angst. Possibly negativity is in the eye of the beholder too!

    Love the pelican! He's positively glowing!

  16. Cheri sharing those feelings is fine and you will always find kindness and sympathy from many of your friends here and in fact if you can not share then you will probably not find the commitment to stay here.
    What I was talking about is a little different.
    'The way we approach others when we are in a state of mind like any of the above will either give us a good vent to make us feel better at others expense or we can choose to do things differently. Not to loose sight that we own all of our emotions, good, bad or otherwise, and as is it is also in our capacity as human beings, that we would sometimes like someone else to wear them for us.'
    I hope that explains what I meant Writing out your feelings is one thing but directing those feelings at others is another. Maybe taking time out to think before venting that was all I was suggesting.
    You are correct all that is said, can be misconstrued also.
    Thanks Cheri for your thoughts they are well received and have added the other side to the post here. I think the pelican glows too LOL.

  17. Milli, I understood your meaning, I just wanted to add a slightly different perspective, in that negative life experiences are part of the human condition and sharing those are a way to work through them. I agree with what you said and while I wish that sunshine prevailed, I also know that sometimes through our commonality we can overcome the shadows that live within. I want others to know that it is ok to talk about them, it is ok to feel them, it is ok to acknowledge our imperfect selves. It is not ok to direct our emotions at others. It is not ok to vent at a particular person or collection of persons. It is not ok to hurt others. I wasn't suggesting that you meant otherwise, nor was I suggesting it's ok to spew venom, I just thought I'd throw my two cents in so that no one would feel that their feelings were too dark, gray or angry to share. *hugs* feelin ya!

  18. If you only blog about the good, you aren't really being honest, are you? ;)