Monday, July 2, 2007

The Old Gypsy Woman a Poem by Milli.

The Old Gypsy Woman.
Playing in the woods that day
I met an old gypsy along the way
The gypsy lady looked at me
She said my future she could see
Here I stood a young boy of nine
How could she see this future of mine
My little sister standing by my side so near
I saw her face her eyes wide open full o’ fear
A path we walked as children, many a day
Ne’er before meeting a Gypsy along the way
My sister placed her hands upon my shoulder
And stood behind me as I became bolder
Gypsy. “What do you see for my life ahead?”
I bravely asked as some stones she spread
“Young man I see such a wide horizon,
I see in front of you an amazing spectrum
You have a life of colour so clear and exciting
My little stones are glowing like lightening”
“Hues of compassion in a gifted man’s nature
Significant strength, you are extraordinary to be sure
You have all the hallmarks of a great writer and poet,
And at age eighteen, you will write your first sonnet”
We dawdled for sometime by the babbling brook
The gypsy gone on her way, although, she left me a book
She said it was a gift from her and I must read it often
It was a book of knowledge that men had now forgotten
I was very curious to read this beautifully bound libretto
Reading and reading more and then hiding it in a grotto
This was to be my special book as my future was unfolding
Holding it close as I learnt and lived, eternally beholding
Thinking of that fateful day,
As the gypsy lady came my way.
Written by Milli 2007
Picture courtesy of Google images.

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