Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Secret of the Great Wall of China?

I am very often conveniently deaf to the many loud and annoying commercials on the local Television stations here. However once in awhile, there is a commercial that comes on and because it is both clever and humorous it will get my attention.

One very big Australian business started a run of commercials to promote their broadband services and these funny little commercials featured a dad and his son having a discussion about who built the Great Wall of China, amongst other discussions, and for what reason. Well the father is quite oblivious at that moment to come up with the correct answers.

The point of the advert of course is to ensure that you use the quick and easy search engines of the Internet to find the appropriate answers for these Biggggg!! Questions our children often enquire from us know it all parents.

Well this dad was stumped by the correct answers and offered his own version of the answers. Who built the Great Wall of China Dad? Was answered with “Emperor Nasi Goreng.” Why was it built? Was answered with “To Keep the Rabbits out son.” Fanciful answers for sure, however see the photo above of the tourists obviously from Australia holding the sign up on the Great Wall of China. And maybe the history of The Great Wall of China has now changed because of a funny little advert.

Do you know who built the Great Wall of China and Why?

Ah! Thank goodness for great teachers and secondly for connectivity to the Internet these days, where search engines record everything. Emperor Nasi Goreng and Rabbits LOLLL what next?

Milli 2007

Ps Thanks to Raj and his suggestion I have found the advert on You Tube.

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