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A Progressive Dinner Done in Style Thank You All..

chargrilled coorong mullet

Global Village Let's Do a Progressive Dinner and Enjoy the Aromas, Tastes, Sounds, of Many Cultures Through the Sharing of Food and Beverages. Cheers to Pia Shantee for Linking into This Progressive Dinner for Let's Bring Some Noise.

A word about enjoying food and a way to not only enjoy the food we eat but also to lose weight as we eat, comes from Svelliyod on his post here (after such a long time we welcome him back).

Many years ago it was common place for many of us friends to do what we called a progressive dinner. Often it was a way to make some extra funds for the school committee as we all payed to attend these great fun dinners.

Not all were to make money and it became a bit of a fun way to try different favourite foods between friends and family.

My thoughts are that we can do a progressive Dinner right here on the 360 forums.

What will be required is for anyone taking part to do a post calling it:

My Contribution to the 360 Progressive Dinners.

Now what do these dinners entail.

When we held these we did 4 courses that were all served in four different homes.

Starting with Appetizers and a Drinks of the hosts choice in the first hosts home and if you choose this one, please advise us of the recipe that you are using for the appetizer and what you would offer to drink. The important part here, is that this is an International Progressive Dinner and it will be delightful to be entertained with your local recipes and beverages.

Second Course: if you choose, this will be Soup and Breads or your equivalent.

Third Course: will be any main type of dish that you enjoy making and serving.

Fourth Course: Is sweets, desserts or fruit. What ever you would use to finish off a wonderful progressive meal.

Now you are invited to make a post of your intended course and the food you will serve. Then if you can, in a section underneath make a post of the recipe for your food choices and make it so that if anyone wishes to print your recipe out they can. Leave me a link and I will join everyone up for this International Progressive Dinner coming your way soon.

Cheers Milli 2007

Courses will follow below.

JL'S Choice: Appetiser: Singaporean Chilli Crab Dish.

Jackie S' Choice: Appetiser: Shrimp Dip. Canada.

Mithuna's Choice: Appetiser: Kosambari : Typical South Indian Salad

Globetrotting Dilletante's Choice: Appetiser: Biscuits and Gravy. Grandmas recipe from deep south in USA.

Shankar's Choice: Appetiser: South Indian Dosa and Mint Garlic Chutney. Our first Male Host From South India.

Fleas' Choice: First Course: Drinks: A Sweet Lassi. Aus.

Classy Filly's Choice: Soup : Toheroa Soup from New Zealand.

Shail's Choice: Main: Palak ( Spinach ) Pulav: South India

Heather Belle's Choice: Main: Paperbark Chicken. Aus.

Lynne's Choice: Main: Almond Coated Pork Chops. UK

Rebecca B's Choice: Main: Cashew Chicken. Aus. Scroll down the post that reads Lake George for the recipe.

Erly's Choice: Main: Chicken Adobo. Philippines

Radhika's Choice: Main: Authentic Indian Curry: Raw Banana Kofta Curry. India

Milli's Choice: Main Course: Chargrilled Coorong Mullet. Aus

Pia Shantee's Choices: Main Courses: Deep South Soul Food Selections. USA. Plus an introduction to the heritage of the food.

Rajni's Choice: Dessert: Bebinca. The Queen of Goan Desserts. India

Aimlessjoys' Choice: Dessert: Luscious Lemon Upside Down Cake. USA

Rita Royak's Choice: Dessert: $350 Lemon Pie.

Erly's: Choice: Dessert: Leche Flan Recipe. Philippines

Wendy J's: Choice; Dessert: BANOFFEE PIE . UK.

Lori's Choice: Desserts: Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Smoothie and Strawberry Margarita. USA

Meenakshi's Choice: Dessert: Chenna Poda (Indian Version of Cheesecake).

Dreamland's Choice: Dessert: Payesh ... for a sweet tooth Bengal India


Chargrilled Coorong Mullet. Aus

Welcome to Australia and especially to the Wonderful Fleurieu Peninsula where we have many fresh food choices.

I have a love of a local fish from the Coorong and my favourite is the local Coorong Mullet. I have found a recipe and I think my recipe can go into the Main Course. I have used a Fish dish and I know that not everyone likes fish or because of custom eats fish, however this is an International Dinner and I am sure that there will be something for everyone here. Like my fish dish below can still be made without fish, using chicken or even substituting your favourite vegetable grilled.

To make my recipe look a little bit more professional I have found it online and have copied and pasted it here. You may use any good tasting fish here.

We are fond of grilling here in Australia and using a BBQ grill is probably one of the best ways to entertain. When the weather is reasonable it is outside we go and on with the BBQ. The ingredients can be prepared beforehand and as the fish etc cooks on the BBQ grill we can have a lovely local drink and stand near the outside fire in the cooler weather or relax under the shade of the big market umbrella in the heat. For anyone who would love to try a fruity white syrupy wine I would suggest a late harvest Riesling to be slowly sipped as you wait for your food. I also have a lovely jug of iced lemon and lime and bitters on hand for those who like a refreshing drink.

Bon Appetit


chargrilled coorong mullet

by Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant, The Cook and the Chef

Ingredientschargrilled coorong mullet

2 butterfly fillets of Coorong mullet
dried oregano
lemon zest
salt and pepper
splash olive oil

1 fennel bulb  sliced
1 lemon sliced
4 kipfler potatoes  par boiled and sliced
2 tsp medium chilli flakes
Fresh oregano
Splash extra virgin olive oil (evoo)

 punnet cherry tomatoes
bunch flat leaf parsley
¼ cup olives

Salt and pepper


Toss the mullet in a little olive oil, lemon zest, salt, pepper and dried oregano.

Toss sliced fennel, par boiled potatoes and lemon wedges with chilli flakes a splash olive oil, salt and pepper.
Grill the vegetables and the fish on the chargrill, taking them off as they brown; the fennel will take the longest.

Place all the veg on the plate, top with the fish fillets turned back on themselves so they look plump and luscious, add a little water to the grill pan to deglaze and drizzle over the fish and veg.

Add cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs and olives to a bowl, toss in a vinaigrette of oil and lemon juice, season to taste, and add to the fish and vegetable dish.

Yummy enjoy!

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