Thursday, April 30, 2015

Revisiting a Poem ~~~ Windows View

Windows View

What is the view from your window?
Is it the sea or the bare rolling hills?
Or is it the new office buildings
Seen from your own windowsills

Maybe your window faces a playground
Where families all day come and go
Or you might see mountains in the distance surround
White capped, when covered in snow

The view from an apartments high tower
Might be the best view you get
Whatever the view through the daytime hour
Most breathtaking when viewed at sunrise or sunset.

A view of a beautiful garden, of roses and green grassy tones
Think of your view ever changing, as another season dawns anew
Group plantings of perennials and annuals, neatly bordered with stones
Bringing to the view from your window, shades of different colour and hue

Or your view might be a small terrace, light and as neat as a pin
There might be a sundeck full of flowerpots, table, umbrella and all
And hanging from poles is a hammock, to sit or lounge about in
Concrete jungle, your view might even be, a brick wall or a tree strong and tall

Remember to take in the special view from your comfy window seat
On a cold and wet wintry day sit there and read your favourite book
In the early freshness stand by the sunny window, as morning you greet
Watching all of the movements outside, while breakfast starts to cook

Today as I clean my window and reflect on the views I have seen
I think of many windows, small, long, narrow, large and wide
Thinking of old ornate windows, church windows and all of the memories, in between
So now I invite you to look out of your window, to a unique view that awaits you outside.
Milli 2008


  1. Beautiful post and shot Carol. I love what is written here.
    Is this your view? I love to look out my window.. I see so many things.
    I just let my imagination flow.

  2. I have a special love for windows and your poem and shot are wonderful... thanks, Milli, for sharing this wonderful post...Hugs