Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Orange _ What a Great Colour!

Hi to Everyone who is still reading the Blogger Blogs!

I must admit to being very slack for quite sometime with my Blogger Blogging. However sometimes a thought comes to mind that I feel might be worth sharing with others.

The Colour Orange

What an exciting time of year it is now here in Australia.
The Spring Equinox-Vernal Equinox will be upon us on the 23rd of September 2014.
Everything is starting to come alive again after the cold and dreary Winter.

One colour that stands out right now in the garden is the colour Orange.
The beautiful little orange Poppies standing tall in the garden and the big bright flowers of the Pigface make quite a statement when they appear next to the purple Wallflowers or the Blue Hyacinths.
The Blue Iris are flowering as are the red Sparaxis amongst other gorgeous spring delights. Spring is most certainly here and this apricot coloured rose below is a favourite of mine.

Now not to forget another flowering orange beauty The Bird of Paradise plant. I have a small one but my neighbour has an enormous clump of these regal looking orange flowering plants in her front lawn and it is a magnificent specimen to admire.

Please let me digress from the garden for a moment as I play it forward to what is to come. I can not wait for the extraordinary delight of a brilliant warm Spring evening relaxing at the beach whilst a sunset of pure golden rays casts the brilliance of an orange glow all around. Ahhhh!!!!What could be better?

Of Course there is much more that can be said for this extraordinary vibrant colour. I have mentioned it in the garden and on natures palette as a beautiful sunset but....
Did you know that there is much more to be praised about the Colour Orange?

For example...
  • Social, Gregarious
  • Jovial, Exuberant
  • Youthful, Cheerful
  • Adventurous, Daring
  • Energetic without Aggression
  • Creative, Constructive
  • Good Health
  • Exciting, Warm

The color orange relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations. A warm and inviting color, it is both physically and mentally stimulating, so it gets people thinking and talking!

How Good is that.

In the fabric of our lives the colour Orange has a very important place, extol in it's virtues and embrace it's vibrance daily.
I am enthused to share with you all

The Colour Orange!


  1. Fabulous shots of a really warm cheery colour!! I'm sure you are looking forward to your summer. Mine is drawing to a close, but I did visit the National Botanical Gardens today, and there were still many beautiful flowers in bloom. Took a lot of shots!!

    1. Hi Mitch, thanks for visiting me here. You know I do miss not being here more often. Posts on here are much more dynamic and professional looking and for that reason alone I will certainly blog here more often in the future. Yes so true you have had the wonderful warmth of Summer and as you slide into Autumn those gorgeous flowers and trees will change into Autumn colours too! I will look forward to viewing your photos from the Gardens...I so need to get into town and take photos from our Botanical Gardens soon. I especially love your macros which inspire me to get a good macro lens for my camera. Keep clicking and thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Milli, I'm happy to see you posting on Blogspot, specially when you do it with such a bunch of awesome shots of the vibrant colour that orange is. Other than the shots, which I emphasise, are really fabulous, I like the words that match them perfectly. I read and read and I could learn a lot. Thanks for sharing the beauties that Nature present tp you... Hugs.

    1. Dear Belita looking at your Blogger page inspires me. You have kept it going through thick and thin and each and every post carries your Unique and charming way of expressing the content. I am so glad that you have visited my post here and that you liked my shots. For me writing is always an aside these days but I must put more effort into writing and not just rely on my photos......something to be worked on I think. Thank You for All that you share and Hugs to You there in Portugal. xo