Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This is a trial Post From IPad

I have found an app that makes it easier to post into my blog from my iPad and this is a trial run.

I am including a couple of weather scenes taken yesterday with my iPad.

The weather has been quite amazing here lately with the normal swings that come our way in late Spring early Summer.
Yesterday it was almost tropical weather with storms, thunder, lightening and hailstones hitting many parts of the State.
Today although a little cooler normality seems to be back again.
Summer though is definitely on its way.
Cheers to All.

Looking South it was like a Summer Day with Swimmers in the water and even a boat close to shore.

However looking north you could see the storm clouds rolling through. Thunder, lightening and a real tropical storm
Hit the land further up than here where I took these photos. Amazing Weather.


  1. They are really beautiful shots, Carol !! Looks like the app is working perfectly.

    1. Thanks Mitch this will make it a bit easier when I am away from my laptop....glad that you like the iPad shots...apart from being unusual to shoot from the photos don't turn out too bad,