Friday, January 11, 2013

Picture Perfect ~ Winter Competition. Week 1


Every one of us is surrounded by architecture, be it a cabin, skyscraper, house or even an outhouse. There is often interest not only in the whole of the building, but in the details of its make-up. For this week's theme, focus on those details and portions which show texture - the more the better. 

Carclew House
A Sign on the front walled fence 
This prominent eclectic High-Victorian Building,
originally called Stahlheim,
was built in 1901 by Hugh Robert Dixon.

You will also notice that there has been repair work on going to this house since major restorations were undertaken in 2006. The scaffolding is showing on the side of this wonderful old mansion.


  1. Beautiful building, and the light you took it in is wonderful!! Here is MY PP LINK

  2. it looks like a fairytale castle!

  3. Love this shot Carol. I commented on muzenews. I just wanted to learn how to do a link.
    I copy and pasted your link and then erased the HTML and it worked.

  4. Such a unique building! Wondeful shot.

  5. That is a very beautiful building Milli. I would love to live in a place like that.

  6. Thanks everyone who came and visited my entry here for the PP competition.
    I appreciate all your kind comments very much.