Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zeebers Visits Me in Australia. Episode 2

Little Zeebers The Travelling Troll Doll leaves Australia this week as he travels to India for the next part of his world Journey.
Before he leaves there was a bit more fun to be had Christmas Shopping and Camping at the Beach.

There was more Christmas shopping to be done and little Zeebers took part in choosing presents.
The only problem was that the little villain had to try out everything in sight which took quite some time. Then he complained that he was super hungry, so it was off to Subway where the lady behind the counter fell instantly in love with him. 
A bit more looking then off for good coffee at Koko Dream and for lovely cakes from this local coffee shop. The shop owner was most interested in little Z and wanted to know all about him.

Good times were had by all and thanks Aunty Leanne for lending me a hand.

Before packing up for his flight Zeebers has had a small vacation at the beach in his little van supplied to him by Aunty Milli.

It was such fun at the beach and he had a surfboard to use too.

A collage above from some of Zeebers Seaside moments. Notice his new tattoo. Yes it is a Peace Sign.

Above.. Zeebers van parked next to his friends van.

Above all the comforts of home.

The sunsets were amazing and he met lots of new friends who were eager to show off their skills.

Above "Is this how they see us Down under from the Northern Hemisphere Zeebers?"

There was also a photo opportunity for Zeebers and his new friends to have a photo taken together.

It was now time to go home but before Zeebers left he took one last look at the beautiful beach where he had spent time and had so much fun.

'Shark Bay' now that is a bit ominous on the side of the glass.
It had been a fantastic vacation.

This was the perfect Ending!!!

Zeebers will be staying with Aunty Sonny in India next.

Cheers from Milli 12


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaawww, you go Zeebers, wonderful memories, lovely story, cute little troll.

    1. Hi Marianne just waiting on Jim to let me know about South African visit. xo

  2. Nice ideas on these beach shots with Zeebers.

    1. Thanks Marcel.
      It was such fun and everyone enjoyed the special time at the seaside.

  3. Love it.
    I think Zeebers needs to meet Little Joe so he can show him the Texas Panhandle.

    1. Fantastic idea!! Would love to see Zeebers meet Little Joe!!!

    2. I too think that meeting Little Joe would be a hoot of fun for Little Zeebers.

  4. What a wonderful time Zeebers has had!! He'll have so many fantastic memories of his stay with Auntie Milli :-))

    1. Oh that he will Mitch LOL for sure. Thanks.

  5. Fantastic post and photos Milli. The little cutie sure did win a few hearts and had a fabulous time. You are gonna miss him Babe. xx

    1. I will Shayna because every time something interesting happens I think where is Zeebers he would love this too!
      More to the fact it made me quite creative with the photo opportunities.
      Thanks for your interest too!

  6. Reading and viewing the pictures of Zeebers was fun... Lucky Zeebers being hosted by such a nice and creative lady like you, Milli!