Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Images And Words Midweek Special Event 12/12/12

Thanks Anders for continuing the theme of sequential numbers for this day of the 12th of the 12th 2012.

It was fun to do again.

I stayed up for the 12 pat 12am shot and the only interesting thing going on here was that I had received an email from Belita and it was quite fantastic to view.
Titled  AFRICA - Kenya Helicopter Photo Safari lindissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Marianne you would love the Video!!!
So I thought  that I would put it on my IPad and watch it while as I waited and thought about what to photograph for the 12 minutes past midnight part of this auspicious day.

Well you guessed it. I was so engaged in the little video show which was so breathtakingly beautiful that time flew by so fast and the next minute it was time to point my camera somewhere. The most logical thing to do was to capture in sequence some of the video playing on my IPad.

So here is a small section of what I captured. I hope the video makers do not mind me using a part of their work to capture a small slice of modern history.

I hope that this photo enlarges when you click on it.
Also it says 12 15 on my IPad and 0012 on my camera. I chose the camera date for the background but some of the photos show the time on the IPad at 12.12am

My next post will show the Midday event.


  1. Very clever take.
    It isn't the 12th here yet. I may take a picture with my IPad.
    See a tomorrow.
    Do I put this on here or Muze?

  2. Hi Sue place it on both and if you do a couple of photos then place those too.
    Did you see this video it is BRILLIANT!!! I love it.

  3. Good idea to capture what you could. I didn't think of 12.12am...LOL, got a pic at home 12.12pm. I have it on Muze,and blogspot.
    All the best, Jan

  4. Good Morning, now it all makes sense, had no idea what you were on about so early ! Wonderful, very clever. I sure hope I will be doing something interesting at 12h12 today. Going for a haircut at 10.30am, then off to the shops, maybe at 12h12 I will see something interesting, have my camera set on date and time, which I don't normally do, but for today..........!!

    Send me your postal address Milli in a pm on Facebook, so I can see if I can get one of thsoe Safari dvd's off to you as I sent to Lisa, Monica, Liz and Amalie earlier this year. They are wonderful, done by a Danish Safari Group here in Pretoria, so they speak in Danish, but I think they are texted, anyway you can just look at the pictures.

    1. All done and I loved your photo surprise Marianne...xo

  5. Terrific photo - 5 12s - wonderfully done, Milli. I hope to do the same when noon comes up.

  6. WWe thought the same Milli .

  7. What a fantastic video. I want to go there.