Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CC ~ Divested ~~~ Woop Woop!

Creative Challenge 


It Was The Wine

Made Her To Divest

Like Many Others 

Drank Too Much

Of Penny's Hill's Finest

And Best

They Did Not Call It 

Woop Woop Wine For No Reason At All

This Wine Was The Means


 Many A Great Ladies Fall

From Grace 

As They Succumbed, Divested

And Dared To

  Bare All.

Milli 12


  1. having such a giggle right now...............thank you Milli. Think nearly time I go divest in some of the finest Shiraz, had one of those days and sure Mr T will not moan if I bare all.............rofl...................being tired, silly...............hehe

  2. I've never got drunk as I'm alcohol-free but I can understand the influence of alcohol intake in the behaviour of people, for example, making them divest themselves of their clothes... Excellent entry and what a great shot, Milli!
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. Cute poem, Milli, nicely illustrating the idea behind the word. and such a great shot to further show its meaning, too! :)

  4. your creative mind shows in this post....words mixed with seriousness and humor and then that photo!!!
    a great post, Milli!

    thanks for dropping by

  5. I can certainly see what I am missing without that alcohol. Lots of woopy by the looks of it.

  6. very funny take on the theme! love the poem and the photo! made me smile!

  7. I must have a bottle of that Woop Woop...just a good, funny write..i enjoyed it.

  8. LOL I always love your sense of humor! naughty Penny :)

  9. I am glad that you visited Marianne. It is good to have a laugh and I am tickled pink at your response to my folly here.

  10. LOL a sensible lass you are Belita. Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Some excellent photos of sunsets are on the wine boxes Belita, I was impressed with this winery.

  11. Thanks Kae. Just a little jest about...HMMMM the Breast.

  12. Thank You Linda.
    I think my humour comes from my Irish ancestors and the serious side sneaks in from the German side.
    But I am an Aussie and we do have a wicked sense of humour and fun in our character, when you get to know us well.

  13. LOL Woop Woop I knew that you would!

  14. A smile from you Jacob...excellent.

  15. LOL you really want some Tina? Glad that you enjoyed.

  16. Thanks Danette and I love that you appreciate it when I write this way.