Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Images and Words Week 161 ~~~ Beauty ~~~~

Thanks Sue for this Images and Words theme which I believe can never ever be, over done.

I have found so much beauty as I looked through my photos this week and found it difficult to choose but I do hope that you like my final choice here for 
Theme ~ Beauty.

True Beauty.


  1. Love yor final choice, Milli! It's a delicate beauty!
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. beautiful photo! and i too believe its the beauty beneath the skin that makes or breaks a person!

  3. This is beautiful Milli.
    Pink is my favorite color!
    Great shot!

  4. soft and fragile...gorgeous flower. It not only hails beauty but also life.
    awesome choice Milli

    thanks for dropping by

  5. This is so utterly feminine. I love the soft pinks. Georgia O'Keefe never painted anything as beautiful as this. She should have had your photos to paint by!

  6. it's so true..choosing can be difficult!
    and you have found one feminine, pink beauty. wonderful shot!

  7. I love your choice. I love the soft subtle color.
    It is a true beauty...and an excellent shot.
    True beauty is within.. Truly an awesome shot.