Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Genre: Comedy
Not too much to do with Marigolds but a wonderful movie given an extra boost by strong and extraordinary performances by all of the character actors and actresses, both young and old.
Many heart warming scenes as you find yourself fully involved with this group of Retired English Immigrants in their newly chosen retirement home in Jaipur India. You will laugh whole hearted-ly, cry unashamedly and wonder at the sights and scenes before your eyes. I loved this movie and all of it's endearing characters and I hope that you will love it too!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing this movie
    when it comes out... I love these kind of movies..

    We watch a lot of movies and I am so tired of
    violence and sick comedy...

    We just bought War Horse.. It was great saw it in the Theatre..

    Thanks for letting me know about this movie.....x

  2. You are more than welcome Sue.
    The movie was quite long but I was so engrossed that I never noticed.
    I will see War Horse.
    I have not liked some of the latest movies for the same reasons as you.
    there is though another one that catches my attention.
    Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror.

  3. That .looks good too.
    Of course my favorite this year has been The Help.
    Just a fantastic movie with academy award winning acting.

  4. Tonight we rented - We bought a zoo. I am sure I will enjoy it
    as Inreally like Matt Damon.
    I hope it makes me feel better sure it will ...
    Do you and your Family rent a lot of movies each week?
    We do at least 3.....

  5. I am yet to see The Help.
    We rent a few buy a few and go to the movies occasionally too.
    I saw We Bought A Zoo at the movies and loved it. I was absolutely smitten by the little girl ( Rosie)in the movie.
    I think that you will enjoy it.
    I believe the actual zoo still operates in England.
    The movie is loosely based around the author Benjamin Mee and his family living at this private in England.

  6. Me and mum are gonna watch it when we have op. Thanks for your review.

  7. I'd not heard of this one, but I've added it to my list of movies to see. Wonderful cast, a lot of my faves amongst them , particularly Bill Nighy. I'll have to wait for the DVD though, as with all movies, as the nearest decent cinema is a round trip of 60 miles.

  8. Bill Nighy shines in this movie Mitch and I am sure that you will truly enjoy it when it comes out on DVD.

  9. I have to see this one! It looks very entertaining :-)