Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Next Shot - WEEK 9----Technique -- Sepia - Gifts of Nature

Thanks Baz For this theme.
Sepia- Gifts From Nature.
All of my shots have been taken over the last few days.
A Friendly Swan at Gol Gol.

This funky Lizard was found in Victoria.

Buddies a Wallaby and a Duck. Healesville Sanctuary Victoria.

Click to zoom if needed.


  1. looks like you had a fantastic mini vacation, will look for albums from you *hint*............I especially like the Wallaby and the Duck. Soooooo adorable.

  2. Thanks Marianne. It was go go go but oh it was so good!!
    I have a lot of photos lol..lets see how I go for time now.

  3. Ohh! Fabulous, lol I just love the last one way way too cute LOL;P

  4. Australia is such a fascinating place from an anthropological point of view (if that's the right word.) Having been isolated for so long there are so many creatures and plants to be found there that exist no where else on the planet. I hear that many of the earlier explorers died of heat stroke, so maybe it gets a bit warm in the Summer. But other than that I'd love to see it sometime.
    A wallabee is what? (I only know them from the old song which was a hit in the states in the '60's, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"). A smaller version of a kangaroo?

    btw, those are some very interesting tonalities you've managed to establish in the above captures (to talk like someone high-fallutin. Do they have that term in .....what's the short form of ....Australia?)

  5. ps - omgosh, it's not only the middle of the night 'down under', but Winter is approaching. Everyone know it; it's still a bit hard to fathom and one needs occassional reminders.

  6. Great shots, Milli! I love the swan. The photo is so sharp you can see the beads of water on it's back.

    The lizard shot is cool, too. Did you use special editing on that one?

    Sweet buddies!

    Next Shot Week # 9 ~ Sepia~ Gifts of Nature

  7. You sure do get around Milli, lol, probably no more than I do, but you seem to get a wider range of photos. I had to check yours first, before posting mine, in case we had similiar subjects lol ( im still working on mine though)

  8. Australia is a vast land. The largest island in this world of ours or the smallest continent.
    We have a rugged inland which was not hospitable to many of our pioneers and early explorers.
    Heat,often lack of food and water or hideous conditions all contributed to the demise of many.
    You might like to read this wiki history of Burke and Wills exploration....
    For an insight.
    A wallaby is smaller than a kangaroo.
    info here...
    Australia is a fantastic place to visit. Vast and amazing you should come here and take a tour.
    Oz is what we are often called here when Australia is shortened. We are known as Aussies and we know that term high Fallutin too. We might have a few other ways to express High Fallutin like...Big Wig or Fancy Pants.

  9. Yes Debby I zoomed into the lizard and made a centre focus.

  10. LOL We have just covered a lot of ground these last 9 days. Maybe even went past your area but am not sure.

  11. Absolutely!!!
    That is what I encounter here on Multiply all the time.
    Thanks for being thought full.

  12. I am close to Swan Hill, only 2 hours south of Gol Gol where you saw the swan.

  13. Stopped for lunch in the park at Swan Hill and it is a lovely town.
    So yes I went there. Next trip have to meet up.

  14. All of these are awesome Milli.

  15. The first one is beautiful & the second 2? Awe!!! Love these Milli!

    Empress S's Next Shot