Sunday, March 25, 2012

Next Shot ~ Night Photography Views.

The photo above is grainy and has motion blur but I was amazed to see the illusion of the man's face seemingly showing through the ladies twisting body.
Thanks Sonny for hosting.

Night game of Croquet

A couple of photos taken in the light supplied by artificial means with my Canon. No Flash used and I did not use a tripod. I tried for emotion in my captures and hope that I have succeeded.

Electric Lights hanging from Trees in the Park.

The children have gone home and Miss Dolly has been abandoned.

Click smaller photos to enlarge. 


  1. These are all beautiful captures Milli;) cool work as always

  2. I particularly like the lights in thepark! The top one is kinda interesting too when blown up - cool with the face as you say! Miss Polly forgot her Dolly?? The croquet would make for an interesting blog - did you take many more??

  3. These are really cool. I especially like the lights and the doll. In fact, the doll is my favorite. There's something very haunting about it. Maybe I've seen too many Chucky movies (1 is too many) :-)

  4. Milli, I think I like Miss Dolly, all alone and abandoned, the best one, although those lights in the park is a good shot too, especially with such a black background.

  5. All are excellent, Milli! The doll is so cute...