Sunday, March 25, 2012

Images And Words Week 151 ~ Relaxing

Thanking Debby For this R&R Theme.
One of the many things in life that I find relaxing, is watching the passing parade of tropical fish swimming.


  1. I agree with you, Carol! Looking at this beautiful photo, I feel relaxed, too!

  2. Beautiful shot Milli. I love all the exotic colours of tropical fish. Yes, it is relaxing to watch them.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I used to have an aquarium. No room for one now but I might get a Beta. I saw a photo of a small indoor water garden, I want one with a Beta in it.

  4. well, i prefer a sporting fish dangling on the end of my

  5. "Im in a blue mood - as relaxed as a fish can be when there are no pred's after your hide." Thanks for your comment, dear.

  6. ohhh, this is gorgeous, Milli! I love the alive!

    My dad kept an aquarium and I loved watching the Angelfish when I was a child. It IS relaxing, mesmerizing, even. I miss that!
    I tried to keep an aquarium for years, for the kids and grand kids, but it's a lot of work! Now I can just take a trip to Coney Island to the NY Aquarium...much more relaxing!

    Images & Words Week # 151 Rest & Relaxation

  7. Is it any wonder that many medical offices are equipped with aquarium........a definite stress reliever and splashed with beauty and grace.

    beautiful, Milli!

    Images & WSords #151~ " Rest & Relaxation"

  8. I love the colors of tropical fish. This one is beautiful with it's spots.
    Yes it is very relaxing to watch fish swimming....
    i also love your frame looks like it fits in the aquarium.

  9. Been here already just catching up on the
    New posts..... Hi Carol

  10. Beautiful colours Milli.
    Thank you for your visit.
    Old age can be like watching fish swim.....
    By the time the fish has gone from one side of the tank to the other you've forgotten where it started from!

  11. This fish embed all the blue from the sea...bring us so much relaxation. :)
    Lovely shot! Milli

  12. Beautiful Milli~!! Love the framing
    Thanks for stopping by~!!