Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

Set Fire To The Rain

How I Saw It!

I am a big fan of Adele's and this is yet another of her hit songs I love to listen to.

I knew I had a photo in my collection to match this unusual phrase..

Set Fire To The Rain.

I have used this photo before and it reminds me of fire in the rain.

As you can see the heavy and dark rain clouds coming across the sea have taken on the fiery glow of the beautiful orange colours coming from the setting sun.

At the time I captured this photo, the view was pure magic. I and others stood in awe of nature as we watched The Fire in The Rain.

As soon a the Sun Set the rain poured down upon us all and as I took shelter in my car I could not help but feel privileged to have been at the right place at the right time with my trusty little camera in my hand and ready for action.



"You called my name

And I came running

No Shame


 I stood before you



The Fire

In the Rain."








  1. what a photo - amazing capture - you have such an eye for sunsets - really great Milli!! I enjoyed your words too aboutthe moment you took the photo - wonderful!

  2. What an amazing photo. Fantastic capture.

  3. What a fantastic image you have shot. I would have been completely captured too. The ocean and the sky---always changing, always interesting to watch..

    By the way, I think this would have been a perfect entry for PP this week.

  4. oh wow. this is lovely. nice capture.

  5. Thanks Keith. I think I am just very fortunate to have the west over water very near by here.

  6. I agree Amalie there is always something beautiful to see where nature is concerned. I know that you also see nature through your lens in a most captivating way.
    I am sorry I had no time to Play PP this week. Things are too busy for me at the end of the week and weekend.

  7. What a fantastic shot of a gorgeous sunset, Milli!

  8. Thanks Dear Belita. Have to catch up with you soon!

  9. they have played her music into the ground here....twice an hour...same song...two weeks....ENOUGH!!

  10. a stunning photo...examplifies the beauty we take for granted!!

    beautiful presentation, Milli

    Creative Challenge #181 " Fireside"

  11. your fire and rain is an amazing for framing!

  12. Absolutely fabulous photo!!! I love those rare special moments where nature puts on a special show, seemingly just for you. I've had one ot two of those myself. Love the song, too.

  13. Thisis pure magic Milli. I just wish I could have seen it too. Stunning!