Friday, October 14, 2011

Picture Perfect ~ Twisted Words.

Picture Perfect

A Fun Theme From a Fungi

Twisted Words.


My Clock Above will suit any home looking for a timeless piece.

Will it suit you?

Milli 11


  1. It would not suit me, yet it' a very beautiful one..... great shot, Milli!

  2. Beautiful. What a neat idea for that theme. Very clever. as per Misty it would drive me crazy, I am always looking at the time. *smile*

  3. on my days off i don't care about the time but when i'm working every minute counts. i'm a nurse so i'm contantly looking at the clock or my watch. so where did you hide the hour and minute hands? LOL

  4. lol glad you found the time to play this week milli and love the twisted use of timeless...excellent job and image :)

  5. It would be great for me as I very rarely know what time it is. I only bother if I have an appointment.

    Stunning photo.

  6. it would look perfect in my sitting room..thank you...send it pronto please..


  7. I'll take it.
    What a beautiful clock and photo.