Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All About Mary for Marianne.

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I have shared this photo of Mary below before and as it sits in my photo album Delicate, I was specifically asked by Marianne what it signified and what it is about so I will give you some background information.

I went on a visit with a very special friend from Portugal to The Clare Valley in South Australia.

On a request from my friend who is very interested in the Jesuits activities and history around the world a trip to Seven Hills Winery in The Clare Valley was a must do visit.


The Jesuits settled in the valley when Franz Weikart, a Silesian farmer, led a group of 130 Catholics from Austria to South Australia in 1848, so they could enjoy religious freedom. They went on to plant the first grape vines in the district for use as Alter wine and from then on they have been producers of excellent wines, and particularly fortified wines which are stored and sold from their beautiful old Cellars..

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Mary McKillop was a guest here at one time and her two brothers attended school at the college.

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This Sculpture set within the vineyards is of Mary.


The structure above is called Madonna of the Vines. Inspired by Our Lady of the Lakes in South America. It was Sculptured by Adelaide Artist, Andrew Parish and presented to Brother John May to mark his 65th birthday and completion of 31 vintages at the winery.


For a look at more photos from this area and more information about this structure and the winery Please Click Here.

I thank the authors of the Travel Blog for supplying me with some of the information on my post here. All photos posted on this post are taken by me.

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  1. great photos Milli......
    nice little history lesson too.......

    there are lots of little "hidden treasures" throughout the Barrossa Valley...
    all intersting little finds.....
    should keep you drunkardly busy as you go from winery to winery, tasting and snapping pictures....

  2. LOL I only tried a couple of mouthful of their delicious drops....I never drink and drive. Hardly even drink lol.
    The Barossa is a pretty place as is the Clare Valley but I think we do very well with our Area down here too!

  3. Thank you so much Milli for going to the trouble to tell us about it. What a wonderful piece of history that is. That Valley must be similar to our Wine Valley in the Cape Province, you can go on a wine tour there. I have never been but one of my great wishes to go, never miss the travel programmes from that region. Maybe when we retire, if not too old and decrepit. *grins*

  4. typically me, always the nosy one........................*smile* thank you Milli.

  5. Beautiful building and interesting history.

  6. well they the jesuits are not my fav but even I have several very knowledgable ones as friends--this is very very interesting and the photos are well wow and thanks for a lovely way to get educated--
    and Marianne great question

    so cheers und prost to all and to history which has so many stories to tell

  7. You are welcome Marianne...it is a very good piece of our history here. The visit was a wonderful day for My Friend and I..you know there is so much to discover in our own backyards and sometimes it is our wonderful visitors who inspire us to get out and see it all. I a sure that you will get out and see more there too..before to much longer.

  8. It was a good leading Q from Marianne..you are correct Heidi we have so very much to learn from History it truly is out teacher...we need to pay attention more.

  9. That is so true, once I started getting visitors from "home" ( Denmark) I had to find things for them to see and in a radius of 70 km from our house, I have managed to keep many busy for weeks and we still have not seen all. I would love to do the Cape Tour though and the Garden Route, such beautiful places in my adopted country. My daughter spent 6 months in Australia and loved it there. Would like to go visit my good friend in Perth one day. *sigh* have to win the Lotto..............have a ticket R 12 million tonight. Hold thumbs !

  10. The more I look at this, the more I like it. Not just the structure but the whole photograph, those clouds in that blue sky behind is breath taking!

  11. I got everything crossed for you. xoxoxoxoxn Come visit.

  12. It would be life changing, someone has to win, right???

  13. Thank you Milli, that was very interesting and I love the photos. The glass in the church is stunning.

  14. There are 'winners' in life everyday why would you not be one of them.

  15. Hi Shayna the buildings including the church are very beautiful. I have more photos I will share at some time. Thank you.

  16. Beautiful building. Thanks for the background story.