Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creative Challenge ~ The Illuminating Truth

The Illuminating Truth

The Illuminating Truth


There are not many certainties in Life these days

Certainties of the man made kind that is,


There are certainties that many of us take for granted everyday

The beauty of the sunrise as it greets a brand new day

Or a glorious sunset heralding the darkness of night soon on it's way

All these creations are of the natural kind

So much more I can say.


Crisp cool mornings

Sun shining days

Rain on the roof top

Colours of the rainbow across a blue sky now turned grey

Buds springing forth

Then Blossoms in Bloom

No thoughts of pessimism doom or gloom

Open your window

Breath in the day

Call forth your inner joy

And cast all those worries away.


Certainties and guarantees of the man made kind

Become only a means to an end

When we concentrate on what is most important in our lives

My Dear Friends

It is Loving and Living in the moment

That grounds us and sanctifies natures daily gifts to us

Until Our Life in Natures Presence Finally Ends.

Milli 11






  1. Beautiful Milli we were thinking along the same lines with different words in mind I think;)

  2. We most certainly were Baz...It must be our cameras that have opened our eyes to the moment so to speak.

  3. Oh, how beautiful! You've put it all into perspective.

  4. I dont know which is more beautiful ... your words or the pictures ... stunning entry .... too beautiful!

  5. There is no doubt every word was heartfelt....beautifully expressed
    hopefully the majority KNOWS and SEES

    Creative Challenge #166 " The Road to Truth "

  6. This is lovely poem, Milli! The photographs areboth beautiful shots, but I love "Mary" !

  7. a softly beautiful post
    your words ringing true, there is so much we take for granted

  8. Beautiful photo, and wonderful words. Fabulous post, Milli :-))

  9. Why am I not surprised with the high standards of the pictures AND the poetry??????

  10. Mary was a very special find Debby. Thank You.

  11. Thanks Danette for an inspiring theme.

  12. Hello my number one fan....you really are so kind Peter.

  13. what I adore most about poets...they pay attention to the moment and reflect its beauty...this is beautiful!

  14. i have to confess i am more swept away by your words...as illuminating as the pictures....which are gorgeous as hell....espcially the second one.....

  15. Good words for reading and wonderful photos for the eyes.

  16. Lovely pictures and verse, though if I opened my door or window, I'd instantly be fried by the heat.

  17. it is good to be grounded in reality of life. it awesome to be mindful enough to partake in beauty

  18. Very nice photo and the words are awesome