Sunday, July 10, 2011

Images & Words 114 ~ Free Expression

This week is All up to You. The theme chosen is 'Free Expression' which means, use any Image of your own and personalise it by adding your very own quote or words, not a quote or words by someone else.

Images & Words

Free Expression.

My Personal Post for this theme.




  1. I love this shot. Is this a buckboard?
    Great subject and what a find. Photographed
    to perfection.
    You have such a way with words.

  2. It is an old open horse cart Sue. I loved it when I saw it and was given permission by the owners to photograph it. Thanks so very very much xo

  3. A treasure find....Your words made me take a step back as with most 'things' aging has charm, character, beauty. But aging can be very cruel to the human body.

    Terrific presentation, Milli !

  4. great perspective...hope I’m never thought of as rustic though

  5. Loved your pic Milli. It's simply fantastic.

  6. Very well composed! ..and I agree with your words.

  7. A reminder that life isn't all about us. Some came before us; others will come after. A wonderful shot.

  8. Fabulous shot, Milli! Love your words... they ring so true!
    Thanks for the visit.