Sunday, June 12, 2011

Images& Words Week 110 ~ Such A fine View


Images & Words

I had a bit of fun with this Photo and the theme this week.

Such a Fine View.



  1. As one seal said to another, let's tie the knot.

  2. Beautiful View, That's One Lucky Guard "Sammy The Seal" Giggle~!!
    I think he is missing the most Beautiful view though.
    He has his eyes on the Girls Sunbaking. But, I guess to
    him that is a Beautiful View, Giggle~!!

  3. Great sense of humor! Such wonderful colors in your photo!

  4. Oh that's a fantastic shot, Milli! I understand your fun, very well!!! Perfect words, too!!

  5. Your so funny. What a neat shot.
    You got so close to them.
    Sammy Seal has a watchful eye.

  6. An incredible shot Milli.

    I was concerned when I first saw the photo... appeared like a stranded whale.....the two seals in the background looked like the tail fin,
    the seal in the foreground like the body, Phew!!

    Thank You for your kind comments on my site.

  7. ooooh la la! heheh! great photo and words! lol

  8. Thanks everyone for you neat comments here.