Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creative Challenge 158 ~ One.

Creative Challenge.


Kites are fun

Fun because You See

See, first there was one

One coloured pink and very pretty

Pretty while it flew ever so high

High! as another kite came into my view

My view yes and now there are two

Two then another

Another kite in the sky

Sky filling fast as now, there are three

Three kites altogether gracefully Fly

Fly well they do as next comes two more both four and five

Four and Five now rising ever so high

So High In that big vast, cloudy, grey sky.


But Wait....



 Look! Now I see Six! 

Six plus one more now that makes


Seven beautiful Kites reaching into blue heaven

Heaven and you had Better

Better hold them all tight

Tight because a strong wind is now blowing

Blowing them higher Wow! what a sight

A Sight of Seven Colourful kites

Kites soaring across a cloudy sky they go

 Go flying as high as any one kite

Kite! yes one Kite could possibly Go.

Milli 11





  1. picturing a a lovely day maybe at the beach flying kites, nice job

  2. What starts as one becoming many. Nice message!

  3. fun write
    Isn't it great how an idea of 'one' becomes many !

    Loved it !

    Creative Challenge #158 "ONE"

  4. Haven't flown a kite in years. I think that would be so much fun -- if we could find a day when the wind wasn't so strong.

  5. ~smile~ .... one is never really just one ... is it! .... You have given perfect words to your picture ... or perhaps the picture seems more because of your words ... can't quite decide!! Great entry!


  6. Can never have too many kites!! LOL. Great entry :-))

  7. what a pretty bunch of kites, I love how it inspired you, I felt like a child reading a short story

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I do intend to share this poem and photo with my grand children.
    The photo was taken on open day at my grand daughters school and part of the fun was kite flying.
    It turned out to be perfect weather for this fun exercise and although I have only seven of the kites in my photo here, at times there were many more
    flying high together. As you can see from ground level they truly were flying at the full length of their strings.
    The poem has been written intentionally using the last word at the beginning of the next line. I forgot though what this form of poetry is called. lol.
    Can anyone help? It works very well for this type of poem and the poem is best when it is spoken aloud.

  9. This is great! I really enjoyed it. This brought back memories of when my son was a little boy. We combined his two favorite past times by hooking the kite string onto the line from his fishing reel and out the end of the rod. That kite would soar out of site, and it was just like fishing in the sky ... let it run for awhile, then slowly reel it in... then let it take off again.

    People would stop and ask what was going on to see a kid standing in the middle of the park holding a fishing rod and reel. When we told them what was happening, they were skeptical, until he would reel in a couple hundred meters of line so the kite was visible again.

    The great part was at the end of the day you didn't have to worry about clleaning that fish!

  10. Milli - I love the format of your poem.Is it a formally recognised form or are you the creator? What is this form called?

  11. What a wonderful story Tim. Kids are so inventive and so are their mums and dads. I am glad that my poem evoked such delightful memories.

  12. Lynne I know it is a form of poetry but I can't remember what it is called. If it is some new format which I doubt then, wow, seems I have started a new trend.
    Did you read it aloud?

  13. Terrific entry...and a lot of thought and work went into this one! Let's go fly a kite.....

  14. Thank so much Deb. I read it to one of the little ones and he enjoyed it.

  15. he he kewl one cumin from a guy who like to fly BIG KITES! LOL......kewl:)...........q

  16. Oh wow..now that is something I love too.