Sunday, May 22, 2011

Picture Perfect Kaleidoscope Theme "Multi Coloured"

Continuing on with the Kaleidoscope theme for Picture Perfect this week

And Gator has chosen the Multi Coloured Theme for today.

It was suggested when I posted the Green Theme that these

Pretty Lorikeets showed so many beautiful colours in their pretty feathers.

So I have brought them back in another photo

This time the Multi Coloured Theme

Captured in flight is

A Splash of Colour as the locals

Gather for a crunchy lunch.



  1. Lorikeets are so amazing! Saw them for the first time in Fl. last year.... how wondrous!

  2. Those are such pretty birds. So colorful, and perfect for "multi-colored"!

    Picture Perfect - Kaleidoscope Multi Colored

  3. Love how they share lunch /:-)

  4. whoa that's a pretty amazing shot w/so many in there and one in flight! great pic.
    PICTURE PERFECT ~ Kaleidoscope (Sunday: Multi-colored)

  5. Hey it looks like they had what I had for dinner apple?

  6. I like this a lot. I like how you captured the flight, but also those gathered for lunch is a neat aspect of this equally.

  7. Nice. :o)

    Kaleidoscope in Multi-color - Landing

  8. ohhhh lunch..i will take two...:) and they are pretty multicolored snacks