Monday, May 30, 2011

Images and Words Week 108: Time

Thanks Amy for the excellent theme this week.

Images & Words




  1. cool watch 'D'....too bad it's a Ford

  2. I am fascinated with pocket watches....the intricate designs are all wonderful.

    BTW, the F100 (1956) was a great looking truck!

    your timeLESS presentations is perfect

    Images & Words #108 ~ " T~I~M~E "

  3. Thanks Linda I tried to match it in with your special weekend there.

  4. Excellent shot Milli and very timely lol...

  5. more Ford are sold....more Chevy are on the road....Ford's tend to end up scrap metal

  6. We do not see too many Chevy's here.
    So you prefer a Chevy. That's nice.

  7. no...I prefer a GMC...the styling is more to my taste...and they are constantly the top chosen truck by the leading truck magazine and independent analysts..

  8. do you have a Ford plant in Aussie land?...

  9. Timeless, indeed! wonderful old pick up truck etched into the watch. Wonderful photo, Milli!

  10. This link will explain to you Dana how it all went with Ford in Australia.
    Holden is our own car Badge here.

  11. And Quite different to what you guys have over there.

  12. Very Interesting Milli. What a delight,. You took me back in time.
    I love seeing the old 1956 Ford f-100 Pick-up Truck.
    I have seen and rode in many of them in my time.
    I remember 'em well.
    I wish I had one today.
    Thanks Milli.... Also...Thanks.. for stopping by.

  13. Absolutely Brilliant Capture and Words.
    I think I like this one the best.
    I wish we had these in my past like Weenie.
    But "trucks" are now just coming into fashion in the UK.

    Thank Your for your visit and kind comments.

  14. The truck aside - although that is fascinating, as well - this is an expert piece of photography. The lighting and shadows and shades of gray down to and including the pure-white mat and frame. This should be entered in a photography competition.

  15. Wow, that's such a cool pocket watch!! Beautiful shot Milli and great words.

    TY for visiting mine :-).

  16. Excellent photo of a beautiful watch... love the two words!!!!
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  17. That is a excellent shot of
    the pocket watch. It could be an advertisement.
    Perfect words. Just perfect...
    And a 56 Ford F-100 Pick Up truck is one of the most
    popular models ever made.

  18. Great entry Milli. Love pocket watches

  19. Super cool stopwatch! I love your treatment of the photo, black and white with the red detail. I love it :-)

    Thank you for sharing your time this week!