Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative Challenge ~ The Days Of ~~~~

Creative Challenge This Week is

'The Days Of'

And my effort is slightly different.


Photo above taken around 1960 of my mother and her old buckboard. Yes it needed a good crank at times. lol.

I want you all to click Here and add the year of your birth please do so if you can.


You will be amazed.


'History' The Teacher

From the early days of our beginnings

Our world

Has changed so much

Through out the years


We as individuals


Striving along as such

Have reached a time to reflect


Take stock of what we have learned

So as to keep others in touch

With our history

Lest we forget that tomorrow

Although a mystery

Will still be in days to come

A Poignant reminder

That history

Repeats itself

If we are not careful

So I say

Rejoice in the good of life

Strive forward in peace and goodwill 

And leave history

To teach us all

Personally and collectively

About what not to do in the future.

Milli 11



  1. Amen to that!! Love that Photo.. off to try the link :)

    P. S. after I checked the link... LOL, now I get it.. History is Fun...especially when "Fiddler on the Roof" was the Top Selling movie and ABBA, Beegees, The Eagles played and Neruda won the Nobel Prize..Oy!! I now feel good with when I was born. *giggling* Thank you Milli, you made my day with that Pic, words and Link :)

  2. well said...beautifully written message...much like what I might preach....and execute.

    thanks for visiting!

    Creative Challenge #151~ " Brightly Burns the Flame of Life"

  3. Milli, I don't belcng but I saw three words went outside and just wrote...This is a faboulous theme....The yester years which rendered life. Bravo!

  4. We all belong Jack.. not one of us does not belong to the collective of thought, given to us by the core of our existence to share.
    Thank You.

  5. teaches us some valuable lessons if we r willing to learn. Thanks for reminding us to remember the past with such a well written message. That's one fantastic pic. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I've always loved the stories in history! Nice shot, Milli!

  7. you are always so so creative milli...and this one is no beautifully said as ever...

  8. Thanks Rashmi. I may have even used the families box brownie to take that photo kids loved the old Morris Buckboard trips.

  9. Thanks Linda. I guess we both have reached this amazing place in time together.

  10. Nik your comments key words are...if we r willing to learn.
    Thank You.

  11. Hi Kae did you read today that "NASA probe shows key parts of Albert Einstein theory's of general relativity correct"
    History proves correct.
    I just love Einstein's mind.

  12. Sonny you are hugely creative and I always enjoy visiting your creations. Thank You.

  13. Age two I was chief sound engineer to my Uncle tuning in 2LO, later to become The London Broadcasting Cooperation. My job was to pour water over the earthing rod while he twiddled the Cat's Whisker. In my first year at school Amy Johnson flew to Australia.
    She died in the Thames' Estuary flying aircraft from factory to Airfield during the War.


    #I'm an airman, I'm an airman, and I fly fly fly fly fly.
    Right up into the sky.
    People owe me money, and I'll get it when I die.
    I'm an airman, I'm an airman, and I'll fly fly fly fly fly.#

    Bill was home at last, and wearing his grandfather's soft peak cap back to front he ran up and down the narrow space between the living room table and fireplace making loud engine noises.
    With both arms outstretched he was doing his best to imitate an aeroplane while singing the song his grandfather taught him.

    Flying was resuming its popularity among the rich again, the war having curtailed the sport and the lives of the original enthusiasts. Alcock and Brown had flown the Atlantic but Amy Johnson was yet to fly to Australia. Composing songs about flying was popular and so was Bill for singing the song to his grandfather.
    'Have you learned any new songs in hospital Bill?'
    'Yes yes GrandDad,' and he started to sing the words to the new song, 'Bye Bye Blackbird.' He remembered the song well since it was played on the hospital gramophone each tea time.
    I had Scarlet Fever just before two years old.

  14. Amen. Such wise words. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  15. What a wonderful write this is.

  16. words full of thought, lovingly penned...well done Milli and a clever "click here"

  17. Thoughtful, true . Great write

  18. From me to you.

    (Autumn) Winds In My Face

    The Afterglow approaches now.
    The wind sounds its cold hello.
    Kicking the leaves to hear their sound, 
    Leaves one lonely, and very alone.

    Alone with memories of yesteryear
    With thoughts of hallowed places  
    Schools and Halls of learning there.
    But not for poor children's faces.

    They just read and wish for life.
    For a life not starved of learning
    Destined to become, 
    Just a another worker turning.

    Turning round to lift a load, 
    Then turning back again
    The wind bits deep into clothes now thin
    Shivering racks his brain.

    Hallowed Halls are still within
    Still there, but not for him
    The wind plays its part again
    Poverty, his never ending sin.

    For him a bumpy road ahead.
    With nothing there to win 
    For him the leaves are gone 
    The wind dies within

    His position is no more
    His brow is furrowed now
    His heart is waning like a Moon
    The wind plays its mournful tune

    As if not to say good-bye
    He takes no heed or direction 
    He starts again to try
    Once more the kite of Life to fly.

  19. you are such a creative soul, milli! i enjoyed this..