Sunday, April 10, 2011

Images and Words Week 101 ~ Photographer/Photography

Welcome to Week 101 of Images & Words.

The lovely Mia is our hostess and the theme is a good one close to my heart.


Photo taken on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.



  1. Ah great one Milli, that's a seriously big wingspan on that bird and lots of excited photographers
    in action here, Great choice my friend!

  2. You are up late. I am just getting up.
    I love your shot. Now that is a big bird.
    You got a perfect picture of it.
    Your words as always fit perfectly.
    This is a shot you will always remember.

  3. Indeed so true words. Magnificent eagle - very cool image with perching on the shoulder of that man.

    Thanks for you wonderful comment, dear!

  4. What a wonderful photograph. The words are so very true. We snap endlessly when we are afraid the moment will leave without us.

  5. Great shot of the moment. The comment is so true. I am thinking of how far photography has come. We now catch an instant. Looking back at the pictures of my grandparents and great grandparents, I often wondered why they where always so somber. Then I learned that the shutters where so slow, they had to strike a pose and hold it for a long time...I would guess that the only wild life you could photograph back then was dead!

  6. Super shot Milli, that bird is magnificent, and you captured a whole flock of photographers!! LOL.

  7. Would love to see a program like this.

  8. does the bird poop on the hat????

  9. A picture is worth a thousand words?
    In your case you have an addition of a thousand feathers. lol
    Spot on a 'birds' eye view. lol

  10. Great Photo and quote Milli. Thanks for the visit.

  11. Excellent photo and perfect quote, Milli! Is that an eagle or a falcon?
    Thanks for the visit.

  12. wow that a huge bird! love you caught him from behind and the spectators amusement. :)
    I&W~101 Photographer/Photography

  13. Thats a good Shot of the almost span. I agree with the quote...We do capture that moment, imagine if we could capture the time.

  14. Great shot indeed Milli and the words are so very true!

    Thank you for your kind words on mine!

  15. Very nice! I love the quote! It's so wonderful to be able to capture a moment in time and save it for future generations. We photographers are historians in the making.

    Images & Words Week # 101 ~ Photographer/Photography