Monday, April 4, 2011

Images and words week 100 ~ Something Special.

I Love Images & Words for all the

Creativity it has allowed me to let loose on all my friends here in Multiply.

Thank You All for Your Fantastic Encouragement.




Hugs From Milli.


  1. Looking back from a boat towards Tweed Heads in Queensland and yes that is a mighty Humpback whale making a dive into this beautiful blue sea.

  2. I can see that Milli and it's beautiful along with the quote.

  3. Thanks Very Much Jack. It was a marvelous experience all the way. Happy Spring to you there.

  4. Oh Milli, this is gorgeous!! I love the blue sky and waters and your quote is fab. Great entry!

  5. Seems a good way to make a Kite out of a Boat. lol
    Another lovely pic too.

  6. LOL it all happened in the blink of an eye dear Bill.

  7. Thank you Mills it's late here and I have no I must get to bed as well thank you.
    As it's ridgy didge...the bed calls ! :)

  8. Gorgeous photo, Milli! What a beautiful blue!

  9. Thanks Belita there was a smoke haze across the buildings from fires in the mountains behind the city. It was a lovely blue day even though the haze can be seen.

  10. Wow Milli~!! What a Beautiful, Magnificent, Breath taking shot.
    That would be something of a lifetime for this country girl to see.

    Thanks Milli for all You do for the Group. Fantastic job~!!
    Also, Thanks for your kind comment on my old barn.
    I Love old barns.Just something about 'em that draws me to 'em.
    To each his own , Right~!

  11. I don't think I have seen a more perfect word/image combination...what a great capture!

  12. And to think I get excited to see dolphins here! LOL
    A very exciting capture.
    This is both amazing and beautiful, Milli.......very SPECIAL !
    The quote was a perfect find

  13. Fantastic shot and quote Milli. Love all that blue...

  14. Unbelievable shot and indeed very special Milli!

    Congratulations on week 100 Image & Words
    I brought you some flowers.

  15. I once watched a very large bird diving into the sea off Colombo.
    As it approached a mouth opened up and that was the end of the bird.

  16. How beautiful Milli. I love the blue and of course
    the whale breaching.
    Man what a shot. Splashes and all.
    As usual great words to accompany your great photo.xx

  17. amazing capture milli!!! love the city in the background and the poem expresses your photo so powerfully!!:)