Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creative Challenge 150 ~ Me


Happy 150th Creative Challenge and in Particular I Wish to Thank


Today's Challenge is


Today I was sitting out side enjoying a coffee

When suddenly

A small flash of blue flew past me

I looked over to the apple tree

And there it be

However on closer inspection there were three

So I ran inside and grabbed my little camera, trusty

Set it on macro setting quickly

Then slowly and quietly

I moved closer to the dragonfly 

Which was feeding off a leaf on the Apple tree.

Scroll down now and you will see

That Yes Precisely

My effort is now posted by a very happy Me!



I believe it to be a Common Blue Tail Dragonfly.



  1. What a nice capture. Those little critters are so hard to photograph.

  2. You are so right Linda..they are so flighty.

  3. And what a perfect captur it is. I
    never have seen one this close. Didn't
    know they have such round heads.
    Perfect macro.....

  4. It is true...I have never seen them here before. They flew in stayed for a very short time and were off again.

  5. Thanks Sue and I actually got a couple more good shots with great detail...I love those big blue heads lol remind me of a bugs life.

  6. OH gosh that is a simply amazing capture .... stunning colours .... too beautiful ..... well done you!!!

  7. Thanks Lynne. the good news is that it is as taken apart from the text and drop shadow frame.

  8. Don't you just love when those amazing, unexpected moments happen??? Right place and perfect timing....absolutely stunning pic!

    The blue is his/her eye...NO?

    Your introductory write to that magnificent photo was a DELIGHT !!

    thanks for visiting, Milli !
    Creative Challenge #150 " Life~as Viewed by ME "

  9. Blimey, he looks guilty too. lol
    On the site that provided the Gun Powder for Guy Fawkes, the River Lea supplies the wetland for the Dragonfly Sanctuary in East London.
    This one looks a Royalist if every I saw one.
    A good thought for this week when we cheer the long reign of our Royal Family.
    Thank you Milli. lol lol lol.

  10. Did you know they eat mosquitoes? Looks
    here like it is enjoying some leaf.

  11. They are actually blue along the tail too. Viewed best from looking down on top of them. I had to shoot upwards looking as straight as I could at the screen.
    Hence Blue Tail Dragonfly. Thanks Linda.

  12. Actually I did read this Sue..in fact they will eat any small insects on the leaves. Probably something very small we could not even see.
    They can feast on any Mozzies that they find. I do not like mozzies.

  13. LOL..I will be watching the ROYAL WEDDING from my humble abode Bill..are you going to the wedding?

  14. Only if you choose me to carry your gadget bag. lol

  15. LOL...looks like we both get to see it on TV..lol

  16. That' a four four sure good buddy.

  17. Beautiful words and shot as always Milli, I love the detail in this on a great capture;)

  18. That's such a stunning pic. The verse well written and thanks for taking us on a little excursion.


  19. Oh, wow! You've captured every detail!

  20. beautifully intricate photo and cute words to descibe the event!

  21. Smile you should at a square, four by four, like me. lol

  22. Incredible photo! Timing is everything. A good lesson in always being prepared. Bravo!

  23. Fabulous photo Milli !! I love photographing these guys. This is actually a Damselfly, which are usually smaller and narrower with a smaller head than a Dragonfly. The blue ones, such as this one, are my faves.

  24. awesome me entry! *yay for the great capture*

  25. wow and wow, this photo is stunning...I know I've tried to photo these quick moving df's...never once LOL loved the self celebration to the write

  26. .... I'm sitting here impressed by your image, and once again, enlightened :)

  27. Such a gorgeous shot.. That guy/girl is truly one of the kind. Is it rude to stare? guess the monitor wouldnt mind :P.

  28. What a beautiful combination of words and photography. It takes something like this to make us really appreciate the earth and all its wonders.

    Unfortunately this week I decided to take the total opposite approach to things.

    Mother Earth

  29. Ah; the best from down under we have here amongst us!