Sunday, March 27, 2011

Images & Words Week 99 ~ My Favourite Tune


Images And Words Week 99

Thank You Anders for This Weeks

 Truly Melodic and Exciting Theme.

I Personally Love All music, old, new and everything in between.

So for me the choice this week was more so about what photo I had on hand in my camera.

I have chosen a classic to go with the classic beauty of these full and exotic beauties I found in the refreshed garden this week after some wonderful soaking rain.

The Roses were sold to me as Double Delights although they seem to have taken on a slightly different colour and hue with a little help from the local bees.

Presenting A Beautiful Song

Sung by Seal

Kiss From A Rose.



  1. oh wow and double wow wonderful milli

  2. ... perfect song choice for that stunningly beautiful picture .... gorgeous entry!

  3. I love Seal. And I love your rose! :)

  4. exquisite image and a tender, complimentary song to complete a delicately beautiful presentation!

    Images & Words #99 ~ Favorite Tune ~ " I LOVE YOU "

  5. This is true: As your image of the roses showed up, I smelled them!

  6. Love the colour and the fragrance of your roses.... Yes, I could smell it.... nice song, too!

  7. beautiful roses! beautiful song!

  8. What a beautiful presentation.
    Your song is perfect and your photo of the roses are simply beautiful.
    You framed it so well.
    Must get some tips.
    Is that a tear on the rose?

    And what are those flowers in your background?
    Love them.

  9. That is an old, beautiful song! Those are sure some very pretty roses too! Mmmmmmmmmmmm I could smell them!

  10. Thank you Melisa it is great to have you visit my garden.

  11. Thanks Kae....please take one for your vase.

  12. I got to agree he is Dave..cheers to you there.

  13. Great song for a stunning pic. Seal's songs are so poetic.

  14. I love your flower photographs, Milli, I can nearly touch and smell those roses and Seal..........well, oh, yes............sorry just swooning here for a second.

  15. Beautiful roses. I love the music.