Sunday, February 20, 2011

I&W - Places I'll Remember All My Life.

Thank you Sue for hosting

Images & Words

I love your Chosen theme Sue.

'Places I'll Remember All My Life.' 

 The quote I have chosen speaks about Mother Earth and All her Blessings and I might say that where ever I have been I have always found interesting things to see, wonderful people to meet and exceptional beauty to feast my eyes upon.

The photo I have chosen was taken whilst on  vacation in Coolangatta QLD. 

It was taken while in a boat on the Tweed River early in the morning on the way to see the Whales. 

The river was calm and flocks of birds were settling on the water.

It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day, full of pleasant surprises.

Mother Earth offers us all so much to enjoy.


  1. Beautiful. The place I most remember was when in the 5th grade I saw the Redwood Forest

  2. love it....nothing like the early morning hours...

  3. How stunning Lynda I bet its vivid in your memory.

  4. How beautiful! Yes, I'm sure that day was very special.

  5. the waking of a new day is filled with anticipation and it's start is a tranquility you wish to hold onto throughout the day.

    A very beautiful and tranquil awakening of a new day, Milli. The quote you chose compliments your photo with a gently reminder.

    Images & Words # 94 " A Place I'll Always Remember "

  6. Stunningly beautiful image of peace and tranquility. Love the reflection of the purple of the skye in the lake. Wonderful words.

    Thanks dear for your comment!

  7. So still and so calm and oh so serene ... how utterly beautiful ......

  8. What a beautiful photo Milli. Love the glow of
    the pink from the early morning light.
    Mother Earth does offer us so much to enjoy.
    Did you see any whales?
    Great choice of words and a gorgeous photo.
    I am sure you will always remember this trip.

  9. >>tears<< beautiful words and an even more beautiful something out of the loveliest dream one could imagine.

    Images & Words Week # 94 ~ Places I'll Remember All of My Life

  10. Mills I am not on here as much - but then I do come on and the words certainly do ring true.

  11. How Idyllic, peaceful with beautiful sentiments. Heaven on earth and luck enough to have those you love enjoying it with you.

  12. i just adore the way you captured those birds milli....awesome..

  13. Wow Milli, this shot is perfect in so many ways. The colors and the still waters are beautiful. And so are the words you chose ;-).

  14. love the purples/pinks/blues! the gathering of fowl in hovering over the beautiful water. so lovely mother nature. wonderful quote!
    I&W~Places I'll remember all my life~

  15. WOOOOW what else can be done for this place other than remembering and willing to go back there . Gorgeous.
    Thanks for your visit , have a nice day.

  16. Your pic is factual to a point of distress as I well remember a similar scene after a long, 15 hours, sail alone.
    I was still a part of the sea responding to its whims.
    As I sat drinking a beer I did not want to leave.

  17. Thanks to all for such uplifting comments here! xoxo

  18. Wow! Milli, this is incredible, I'm wowed. You should have this framed somewhere.