Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creative Challenge ~ 139 ~ Love / Hate. Continuation of 'Sisters'

Creative Challenge 139

Click Sisters part one.

The continuation of my little piece of fictional writing about two sisters

and their relationship within their relationships.




Maria had learned long ago that there was no great distance between love and hate in a romantic relationship.

   She had also learned that the worst of all afflictions when it comes to love is indifference.

   Suzette had not yet learned how love can turn to hate and Maria hoped that Suzette would be spared the roller coaster ride of emotions that she was sure would be the outcome if Suzette and Blake's relationship ever became a union.

  "Come on Polly it is time for school" "Sarah!! don't leave your homework home today and make sure that you have your sports uniform packed into your school bag"

   It was eight am and time for the girls to be off to school.

   "Mum where is Aunt Suzette has she gone to work already?" Sarah enquired as she placed her books into her school bag on the dining table.

    "No Sarah, Aunt Suzette has not come home from her date last night with Blake." Maria explained in a matter of fact way.

    Suzette would often stay out with Blake all night and then catch up with Maria's family in the evening after work. Maria was used to this set of events when Blake came on to the scene

    But for some reason this time Maria felt a little bit of apprehension as she drove the girls to school.
    Nothing more than a feeling and some butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She had felt this way before the last time Suzette had stayed out with Blake but dismissed it as being a bit too over protective of her sister.

    Once again she thought to herself " what will happen when Suzette realises that love can turn to hate, will she expect me to be here to help her pick up the pieces"  these thoughts to herself were echoing in her head as she drove back home from school.

    The evening would be a telling time for Maria when Suzette returns back home. This time Maria was anticipating the worst but hoping for the best.

Milli 11 

  In the next installment there will be some rather unexpected news Suzette has to share with Maria.



  1. Great read :) looking forward to reading more xx

  2. I was thinking of the love/hate between sisters. Maybe ill post a short poem on that sometime too. Enjoyed your twist :)

  3. Thanks Cin, try to check the link out to the beginning of the story the link is in the word sisters in the main title.
    Yes do that its a good twist too.

  4. Like Cyn wrote, I want to read more and more...this is very good!
    Thanks for the visit.

  5. I can't wait to read the next chapter! You are bringing these women to life. I love it!

    Thanks for the visit!

  6. Yes, of course, she will expect Maria to help her pick up the shattered pieces of her life. What's a sister for, after all??? LOL I, too, am anxious to read the next installment.

  7. good write, sisters are complicated

  8. Two sisters? Beware.
    Brothers look after each other and compete.
    Sisters are like two knights on a Chess Board, a power unto themselves.

  9. Thank you for the part 2 :). This brings a whole set of possibilities, of what if's. What if Maria doesnt behave like she always does? Where(when) is the next part?

  10. Really enjoyed these two chapters,can't wait for the next.A great afternoon read.
    Thanks for visiting mine.

  11. when I saw two sisters, I thought of my sister and love/hate sprang to mind immediately. LOL. Enjoyed this write and then went to read part one. Now next ???

  12. Another great chapter, Milli.....what a tease you are making us wait sooooooo long in between for our next nibble!

    Thanks for visiting!

  13. ~smile~ ... this is great ... cannot wait to read more!!

  14. oh I love it and I can't wait for the next installment...the photo is gorgeous and adds to the drama of the story!

  15. Love and hate are relatives, eh?
    And indifference stings! I would rather someone have negative emotions than no emotions at all.
    Clever how you tie your story into the challenge. You cheating and gettin' DP to give you the word or phrase weeks in advance? ;)

  16. Wow, is she pregnant? engaged? did she kill him?

    People often think of hate as the opposite of love, but apathy actually is. there's a fine line (as they say) between love and hate.

    looking forward to the next installment.

  17. You've captured my interest. I wonder what has happened to keep Maria out all night. Is she all right. You know how to end on a hook, that's for sure. :o) Well done!

  18. dageaux ----------- Wow, is she pregnant? engaged? did she kill him?
    Wow was she that good? lol
    Would make Euthanasia attractive?