Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Creative Challenge 136 ~ In The Name Of! ~

Creative Challenge 136


In the name of pure fiction I write this little story.
"Maria it is the phone for you, He! is calling you Again."
"Thanks Suzette! I will pick up in my room"
Maria mutters to herself something about, why does she even bother listening to Suzette's moaning for hours on end about Blake, when he is absent. She berates about how Blake comes into her life like a knight in shining armour at times and then disappears into the black of night never to be heard or seen again for weeks on end.
It is Maria who listens, speaks sisterly advice to Suzette and then  tries to console her as best she can in Blake's absence.
Suzette promises to speak to Blake next time he calls about the, So Called Relationship, but as soon as she hears Blake's deep and compelling voice Suzette is once again lost in this on again and off again relationship.
Maria hopes this time things will be different, it has been a full month since Suzette had seen or even heard from Blake and after the little talks she and Maria had shared together in the bewitching hours before bed, Maria is hopeful that this time Suzette will give Blake an ultimatum about their so called, relationship.
After making herself a coffee and sitting at the kitchen table flicking through the morning paper, Maria's thoughts were far away in another time and place set back in time, when she and Suzette were small cheeky little girls growing up together in an old established suburb of Sydney. They loved to stand at the wooden picket front fence and talk to the passing parade of people on this busy local road where they lived with their parents and grandmother.
Pretty little blond girls, they were always dressed beautifully in hand sewn and knitted garments made with the deft hands of their tailoress mother. With small pastel coloured satin ribbons holding their hair in place they were only two years apart in age, Maria being the eldest. Both cheery and sweet they were very popular little girls with all those neighbors who passed by their gate.
Life in those days seemed to the girls to be happy and cheery and filled with so much love.
Twenty five years later and things were certainly different.
Maria had settled down, married and now had a small brood of her own but Suzette the younger of the two had formed this going nowhere relationship with Blake two years ago and even though her career was intact as a business manager in the fashion department of a local department store, she was unsettled and devoted most of her spare time to obsessing about Blake and where her life was heading.
"Hi Maria I am going to dinner with Blake tonight at 7pm, he said he has something important to tell me."
Maria looking less than enthused replied " Did you mention to him your feelings about the relationship yet?"
Suzette looking coy as she does when asked about her lack of forth rightfulness with any mention of  Blake, when he is around and back in her life, answered with a short, curt "NO!"
The usually calm Maria could not contain herself as this time she blurted out in full force. " In the Name of God Suzette, When Will You Learn To Stand Up For Yourself, Where Blake is Concerned!"
Milli 11.


  1. UHOH !!! what's on the wind......what is it that Blake needs to tell her...........oh, geeeeeez did she waste good years on that cad? DAMN MEN.....LOL> Just leave us hanging, Milli, are you a MAN incognito????

    entertaining read......and don't i wuv dat photo!!

    Creative Challenge # 136~ "In the Name of : "Freedom "

  2. ROFLOL@Lynda....Damright awful I am..wicked indeed.

  3. goodness gracious! you did leave us hanging Milli, I hope there is a sequel to this and another pretty photo too

  4. Cliffhanger, eh, Milli? Nicely done!

  5. oh c,mon !!!!

    how can you leave it here ???
    u tease you ....

  6. I love this story and its simply fantastic. I want part 2 Milli. This is very well written and I simply couldn't stop once I started reading.

  7. Oh NO can't end there!!!! ~smile~ .... wonderful story and I just LOVE that picture!!

  8. Great story! I have also written a piece featuring a girl named Maria.

    HERE is mine for this week.

  9. Let me see what next weeks words are and then there just might be Danette.

  10. Uh oh. A broken heart is about to be bruised again. Why is it that some women hang onto men like Blake? So sad, every time.

  11. Great start. My appetite is whetted.

  12. I wondered what happened to Blake after 'Dynasty' finished!! lOL.

  13. Love the photo that precedes the story... the facade of the old white picket fence. Folks need to let go of the "Blakes" in their lives.
    Great tale, Milli.

  14. Alas, with the two sisters in turmoil some very urgent knocking was heard.
    "Is that Blake cried Suzette"?
    "Yes." screamed Maria. "With his wife."
    Well if it's good for the Goose it's good for the Gander.
    It was her night out on the tiles and Blake, all heart bless him, had given her a lift.

    Trouble with women they don't know when they have a Gentleman. lol

  15. ROFLOL no need for a sequel Bill you have it in your comment.

  16. LOL If you only knew :-s. GREAT story! And a wonderful question from a caring sister to one who's obsession is out of hand.

  17. Wonderful read. Suzette seems taken in by the guy, I hope he's changed his ways or she at least learn to accept his flakiness. Maybe he has a ring for her.

    I love the picket fence.

  18. I missed this read part two and then went to part one. Okay next ???