Sunday, December 19, 2010

Images & Words Week 85 ~ Let There Be Light

Welcome to Images & Words this week coming to you from Australia.

I thought as this will be the post before Christmas that we might use the festive lights we see around us as a base for our theme this week. I have used a candle because of the ambient light it sheds ever so softly on all that is placed nearby. Your task is to either light a candle or candles and play around with different angles for lighting purposes until you find your desired effect or if you have another idea for a festive light image by all means use that. Choose a quote or write your own quote and let us join together and spread the light across Multiply.

Thank you Laurie for your fun two part theme last week.

Have Fun and Enjoy your Festivities in the Coming Week.

Light, Love and Peace to All.



I managed to Hold a Candle up to The Mighty King of The Jungle.




  1. I'm here. lol
    Just make sure you have sufficient lumens on the working plane.
    Two candles?

  2. Yes that's the back light and the front? lol

  3. How interesting that the candlelight gives him his true color.

  4. that's quite a picture, Milli.........even though ferocious beyond imagination.............he is beautiful !

    Images & Words #85 ~ "Let There Be Light " ~

  5. Wow , Wild~!!
    I hope that's a portrait of the King of the jungle and not the real thing.
    You're braver than I am if it is the real thing....Giggle.

  6. Cool photo! I love the effect created by the candle light :-)

    Amy's Light

  7. Milli you've got me singing "Wild Thing" lolol it's is quite powerful and beautiful in that wild jungle prowess... oh heck I'll keep singing Wild thing!

  8. Wow - that is an impressive "kitty" - lovely golden colour of the lion and light. Wonderful words. Thanks for ur comment on mine.

  9. He looks so "regal" in that light... no wonder he is called "King of The Jungle".