Sunday, December 12, 2010

Images & Words 84 ~ On The 12TH Day

Thank you Laurie for Hosting as Our Special Host this week.

On this 12th now night of December after a hectic day

I can now relax and begin my peace full journey into the night.

I am posting this I&W at around 10pm on my Sunday night here in Australia.

I Wish You All A Peaceful and Serene 12th of December 2010.

Cheers From Milli.

Images & Words



  1. Beautifu peacefull mood here Milli, great choice!

  2. oh I love this --I love this time --time to relax to forget the day and do not worry about tomorow for it will take care of itself

    lovely and thanks for your visit :)

  3. Nothing to fear in that night ~smile~ ....what a simply gorgeous picture ..... too beautiful.

  4. Milli, this is so lovely and peaceful. Have a good sleep. Thank you for your visit and kind words.

  5. That is a beautiful picture. As for the words, I know them all too well. Let's focus on the picture, instead. LOL

  6. just BEAUTIFUL!!

    The tasks of the day are finally set aside....the NIGHT IS OURS !

    Images & Words #84 ~"On The 12th Day ~ HO HO HO "

  7. Wow what a wonder picture, my lady of the night.
    Yes it is true. I dream a lot. lol

  8. night shots elude many....good job...enjoy this new day

  9. This is dreamy, Milli. I can wrap, cover up under this blanket and peacefully surrender. Sweetest dreams!
    Thank you so much for playing. Love, LOVE, LOVE this beautiful shot.

  10. I love the colors in this and the peaceful feeling!

  11. I liked this comment so much!
    I've got to tell you that I have no idea how I got here. I fell asleep (again) briefly, at my PC. Time to fix my kitty's supper, & then I saw this on the screen with five 'things' on my task bar.
    Whatever the mystery of it, I'm much pleased.
    What a beautiful photograph...dark feathers of the night..& at the horizon, coral light.
    The tiny lights, symbols of humanity. We're never alone, if we look.
    I'd love to have this as a 'virtual window,' for its beautiful, peaceful serenity. Thank you!

  12. "Photography, Writing, Art, Music, Humour and Friends..........."
    I'd like you to be my contact, if you will.

  13. Look at that beautiful sky!!!

  14. This is perfect. What a wondrous sky and perfect for fear. I love the silouhetted deck in the foreground, everything about it is perfect. Bravo. wonderful H.G.Wells quote as well.

  15. Very nice. I love your sun setting into the night shot. How awesome. If I had a choice, Winter white Christmas, or Shorts, Sun tan oil, and sandals. I would pick...... Oh that is for another time. Happy Holidays. You in for some visitors?