Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whadda Week ~ RED ~ White Ants and LC.

What a whirlwind kind of week it was here this week

The unexpected visit from an interstate friend.

A movie lunch and yes it was that freebie I won last time I went to the movies.


RED: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Helen Mirren, John Malkovich

So I ventured back and watched the movie RED starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren to name only a few of the greats in the cast..

Brilliant and action packed I thoroughly recommend this movie as it had me adsorbed from woe to go and back again. In the genre of a James Bond movie gone vintage with aging stars who still know how to pack a punch and entertain to the hilt. If you get a chance, go and be enthralled by some mighty fine acting and a good racy script, so by all means go and see this griping movie.

You have to love Helen Mirren in a full length white evening gown wearing army style boots and shooting up a storm..Go Girl...Helen the aging and retired agent, Rocks and Shocks. LOL.

Also this week...

Unexpected and unwanted little visitors in the back office room made their presence felt and their visit was costly too.

White ants had just tunnelled in for a chomp on the wooden floor boards. Only minor damage but a costly little exercise to rid them and their entire huge family's nest some 50 metres away and living beneath someone Else's dead tree.

Oh well them there are the Breaks.

Thursday night was to be my piece de resistance.

I went with my sister to see the great LC or L Cohen or as you may know him Leonard Cohen.

Back in Aus after a magical tour and very special party like concert in a winery down south of Adelaide early in the year. I was determined not to miss him this time around.

How does one even try to describe the brilliance and perfection of this musical story teller, come poet. Every song performed in LC's unique and polished manner is a moment of sheer musical bliss. With a backup of maestros whose music abilities combined with LC's songs blended together like an old velvety smooth port blended to perfection, we were an appreciative audience hanging on every note and every word.

I was introduced to the various musical moods of LC from Gypsy serenades to waltz and then to country a bit of rock and stories to music told with voice and music. Magical in every way. Mr Cohen you had me hooked, well before Hallelujah!




  1. Have a Fabulous day/evening everyone..zzz time here for me. I will pick up with you all later.

  2. Same to you there Milli, Cohen gets around, I knew he was on a year long tour however at his age now he literally might be doing his last one or this chap has a lot of energy but it was nice in reading and a merry one to you there Mills.

  3. One busy week for you, and of course the ants.

  4. sounds like it was a busy week. glad you got the ant problem solved in short order though, doesn't sound like that would be a good one to let keep going, although I have never heard of white ants before. Are they kind of like termites?

  5. That Red movie looks awesome, I will probably go see it during my vacation next week.. :o)

  6. ..going to see the Red soon..time time i tell ya..cheers my friend

  7. Been reading the reviews of RED. Looking forward to seeing it, but have to wait for the DVD release as no cinema in reasonable travelling distance

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time... I have not experience Mr. Cohen yet.

  9. certainly have had an exciting week Milli.

  10. Leonard Cohen turned 76 on Sept 20th and he truly is remarkable for his age. He shows quite a bit of agility.
    Thanks for the Visit Jack and I wish you well there too!

  11. Because we are coming into Summer here Bill and nearing Christmas it does get quite busy here.
    The ants I could have done without..what a costly exercise they turned out to be.
    Hope all is good there for you and Dear Mrs Bill. xo

  12. Hi Kristie they are actually related to cockroaches. We call them white ants though.
    Here is a link to get you understanding them better.

  13. I think you will enjoy it Janelle...thanks for the visit.

  14. Time time yes understand but hope you make time for it Robbie..Cheers to you too Mate!

  15. Yes Mitch that sure is a good reason to wait.
    Think you will enjoy the movie when it is released on DVD.

  16. I am glad you referred to experiencing Mr Cohen Steve because he sure is an amazing experience.

  17. It was a blast seeing RED, a Stroke of luck finding the termites before they ate the floor, and seeing LC was Magical...yes Ronnie it was all very exhilarating.