Monday, November 15, 2010

Spam at it's worst. Delete any Emails from These Crazies.

Doing the rounds and annoying the masses like uninvited flies at the local BBQ are these troublesome PM'S and Emails.

Delete them and report them but never open them.

Here is a warning I found from one of my friends comments.

re: PM's and Email...with a Rogue AV Spam!

There have been many who, for whatever reason, have received PM's (or emails)...with the following (in most cases)...

heyy! (username), do we know from some place isn’t it? so here’s a special video i did for you, ull recall me!, pls holler me back!!!, kisses <3
...with a wannabe "video"......which is actually a clickable gif image/link...which will take you on a road trip you do not want to experience!

Anyway...If wanting/needing more details/references/info, please see PM's and Email...with a Rogue AV Spam!...

I highly recommend the passing of the link to the above post to any and all of your some, and their itchy trigger fingers, have gotten into some very serious issues with their computers...and, if/when you receive one of these, please take the time to check/confirm if the spammer has or has not been dealt with (ie; URL still active...or "No longer exists")...and report their dumb asses if the account is still they can be dealt with in a timely manner!

Thanks for your indulgence...

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
Force of habit, sir. Our chef used to be a tailor.

Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
Its OK, Sir, there's no extra charge!


  1. Love the fly jokes, Milli, especially the first one1 LOL! And thanks for the reminder!

  2. Welcome. I found a whole page of fly jokes..quite amazing actually LOL.


    The PMs in question do not contain any video. They contain two things

    * a message from someone pretending they know you, usually by saying you look familiar, and
    * an animated .gif image of what looks like a video player loading a video

    These PMs do not contain a virus. You can click that image of a video player 27 different ways from now until the third Tuesday of next week and you will not get a virus. You will simply be taken to a web page outside of Multiply with another fake video player on it.

    If you click that fake video player you'll activate an alert window which will perform two tasks:

    * It will tell you you're missing a codec required to play the video (which doesn't really exist), and
    * it will offer you a link which will supposedly download that video codec

    At this point you still have no virus.

    Even if you clicked to download the fake codec you'd still not have a virus. You'd merely download the program which installs the malware in question.

    If you download the file then click the icon to run what you just downloaded then you'll have a problem but that takes 4 clicks on your part.

    * click the video in your PM
    * click the fake video on the new web page
    * click to accept the download
    * click to run the file you just downloaded


  4. Yep, I got a couple of these PMs and deleted them immediately

  5. I didn't delete the second one I got today because I want Customer Service to trace who it is. Someone should not be allowed to get into a network from the outside. They possibly set up a profile, sent the spam, and then deleted their profile. I'm wondering why they don't show up on my page history.

  6. I had another one just now, I'm amazed they cannot be stopped?
    I guess they open new accounts all the time but you'd think
    the server and IP could be traced?

  7. You too, huh? I was getting them yesterday. Reported the perpetrators and deleted the PMs.

  8. I hate these creeps.
    Have had 3 so far I think I will
    Tell Peter the President of multiply.
    Did you see him online the other day?
    I looked at his site.

  9. Funny how sometimes though we can be caught off guard and I think some people have been Amy.

  10. Great Laurita, this will certainly help the cause.
    I checked and no they were not on my page history either.
    I deleted mine already.
    Thanks for your post as well.

  11. Good point Mia. I would wonder very much how they can't be traced. Everyone else can be it seems.

  12. I have had 4 personally but all are now deleted.

  13. We all find these creeps appalling Sue. No I did not see Peter online. Did you IM him?

  14. Thought it was just me...I put them under Junk and Pshing scam when they got to my mail box. Nope didnt click on them. I had 3 of them, they appeared in my email box but when I got to the Inbox on Multiply, they werent there... did I imagine them?

  15. I have gotten a few, as well, and reported them to Multiply. Thanks for the info, Milli.

  16. Yup...I've got 2 in my account unopened. One of my contacts had received the exact same one awhile back and I'm not sure if she had opened it or not......Got a do we report them as we r not opening the PM. Does flagging it send a notice to Multiply staff letting them know that the contents r just too hot to handle?

  17. i got one yesterday , which i deleted coz i knew thank lord...something bout someone knowing me and stuff...with a vid.

  18. No you did not imagine them.
    Seems you did the right thing Rashmi.

  19. Let's ask Nic how the others have treated this matter. I actually deleted before reporting.

  20. Absolutely too weird Sonny and I saw a video on Cavies post...A load of the proverbial...that is for sure.

  21. I, too, deleted before I reported.

  22. Here is an example of a typical spammer.
    Most of these notifications will appear often in your Groups. ie: photo groups.

    Copy and paste the HTML and send your complaint to Multiply on the person's site ... not the groups site.
    Here for example . . . . juytre
    Then click . . report abuse.

    Sign up today, for free, and meet hot singles!Nov 14, '10 2:00 PM
    by juytre for everyone
    Link: bla bla bla

    editor's note: please do not click on the hi lighted HTML if it appears here.

  23. REPORT ALL SPAM to the admins of Multiply

  24. Answer .... NO
    You have to report
    Multiply cannot control or monitor all submissions.
    If you see spam >>>>> REPORT IT

  25. its just not stopping !
    i got one more an hour ago....gawd...

  26. Thanks for the positive input here while I was away...the message is loud and clear now for what to do..thanks we all must do it!

  27. Sorry Milli and Gary, I don't quite see that reporting over and over will make any difference??? MP are well aware of the problem and I really
    think it's now up to them to stop these people. Surely they can be traced like most spammers can... What we can do of course is
    warn all our friends (like you are doing here) and delete anything we are not 100% sure of...

  28. Gary, this is not about spammers to photogroups sending links to rubbish sites, this is PM's sent to us personally, containing viruses or malware...

  29. True Mia...this is about personal im's here right now.
    Makes one think how do they do it but non the less we can all still be vigilant and warn others of these activities, that way they get no joy from their wasted efforts.

  30. i got like 5 of them and each time i report to multiply admin. dunno what's been done because i just got one again last night. dorks.

  31. Sorry to hear that MJ....lets hope the Dork's Days will soon be over.

  32. I have gotten 3... Reported and blocked.. TY for the info.

  33. Thanks for the info.
    I have not had one, but perhaps it is because I never use the Multiply e-mail facility.