Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Challenge ~ 129 ~ Once Upon A Time

The Shack

Once upon a time

There was laughter and fun

to be had In the old shack

Down by the river

I remember fishing for the big cod

From the small jetty

But they were so elusive

That I never managed

To snare one of these big old

Murray Cod no matter how many

Worms I brought to their dinner table.

Every spare moment we could find

 We would pack up the car

And drive her

She being

The Old Morris Buckboard

Up to

The Shack

For a little R and R as Uncle Tom Would say.

 On arrival the old kero fridge would be packed to almost over flowing

And the camp stretchers were laid out in rows

It would be the children's job to collect firewood for the old wood stove.

House keeping was always done

Before venturing off to explore the river bank with Blackie the dog 

For any thing new

that may be waiting to be found

Or before we could launch the old wooden boat for a paddle across the river


Of course Blackie

Was a sure passenger sitting up the front of the boat

With his head held high and his nose pointing into the wind.

There are many fond memories of those days spent up the river


Playing cards on the old wooden table after supper by kero light


Watching the paddle steamers parade by in the daylight

As they moved their cargo up and down the river.

Isolated from others on land our little shack was

A  good vantage point from which to view the passing parade which the river would

Present to us all on a daily basis.

We were also focus for those passing us by too

As our windmill became known as a marker for those who plied their way

Along this mighty river from Dawn to Dusk.

It is now only from time to time that we venture to the old shack

It still looks pretty much as it used to look and it still is used as a marker for the

River users of today.

So if you are traversing the river between the

 High orange coloured limestone cliffs

And the

Beautiful green weeping willows lining the bank

Spare a thought for those of us

Who once stayed and played and truly loved

This little piece of history we called

The Shack.

Milli 10





  1. That's a really beautiful, mesmerizing picture. It's a riot of colour indeed. The verse is so picturesque........This deserve a blue ribbon Milli......


  2. Milli, thank you for sharing that image , the real image and the one with words....what a sweet thing to read...

  3. And thank you Nik....blue ribbons are a fav of mine lol.

  4. Arkie it is good to have you visit...thanks for the vote of confidence here..glad you enjoyed.

  5. what a lovely picture your memories have created and camera has captured...not to mention the editing...very endearing entry Milli

  6. my god milli....this is awesome writing...
    makes me remember my childhood...wow...i think i might do this ..hmmm....u jus inspired me....

  7. Captured memories for you? Splendid! Captured dreams for me. I've long wanted such a place where I could retreat and commune with nature. I know where it is - Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.

  8. beautiful tracings of time and the soul!

  9. Wonderful writing Milli. Your own memories? Or just fiction? Either way they are good. Love the photo, too.

  10. that was so good - waiting to see what happened next. A good way to describe those great memories.

  11. Very nice job with this theme.

  12. Thanks Danette, the photo was framed in picnik on flickr and I like what is on offer there.

  13. Sonny do this as I just know...you will present such a treat for all to read. Thank You.

  14. These are childhood memories V however apart from some of the personal information given much of the story is gleaned from the experiences of not just me but other friends and family too..The river had a culture all of it's own.
    When one goes to the river like you intent to do, it is the best place to retreat and as you say ' commune with nature ' Do it!

  15. As you know Mitch a story can contain both fact and fiction. This story is a story taken from the lives of many from my past and the culture that existed on the river.

  16. Thanks Pat. I love that you wanted to keep reading as I enjoy writing in this format so that you the reader is also lead on a journey, of words.

  17. The colors in that pic are absolutely brilliant, Milli. And I loved the memories in your words. I just gotta say... worms...yuck ;).

  18. That is absolutely amazingly beautiful ! Goosebump stuff, Milli.Your photograph is as pretty as a painting.
    Mine will be up later, have to find new batteries for the camera.

  19. Your entry for this week is simply beautiful, Milli! Great shot you have chosen to illustrate your poem!
    Thanks for the visit.

  20. Great story...I like these kind..yes, it makes you reminisce the old times...or how it would feel to be there...:)

  21. Can I run away to the shack??? Wonderful through and through.