Friday, January 15, 2010

Picture Perfect ~ A Tribute to Johnoh ~

This week is a very sad week for many with the demise of our Dear Dr John, Johnoh or JohnO or maybe you knew him as Pengy.

I was very privileged to have become a net friend of John's and he was always intrigued by Australia and Australians, this being only one part of such a multidimensional thinker, that he was.

I am so saddened by his loss however I am buoyed up with the memories of posts and comments he has left here on Multiply.

A fine host of Picture Perfect John was from time to time and he was always kind, frank and honest, whenever he visited a PP post.

The theme for John chosen by our wonderful hostess Heather, who was very lucky to have met John in person and exchanged many happy times. Heather has chosen the theme:

Of The Sea.

Thinking about some of JohnO's Posts I have chosen a photo that not only includes the sea but one that also exposes to the elements another of John's passions.....

**Presenting Mermaids of the Sea**

Oh he would have appreciated this one I am sure.

The Original photo is not mine. I have taken a photo of a photo here and I owe thanks to the staff of the local inn where this unique photo proudly hangs over looking the dining room.






  1. This is a fun photo for sure. I'm still thinking on the subject as I haven't visited the sea, ocean, or gulf since college. It will definitely have to be out of the box.

  2. I understand Lynda and I know you will come up with the goods..can't wait.

  3. i am so sure he would have loved that.
    great tribute, mills.

  4. So many sites here Milli and all of them excellent I guess from the very few I have visited, but they all have the same common theme. As a reader only of comments on Picture Perfect I can imagine your loss too well.
    As a new comer I am not worthy of comment except to say this.
    We who look through a lens at the World are privileged people having been given the gift of seeing. Within this frame we ourselves become changed by these people.
    So I would like to think or write this.
    Johhno lives on in all your contributors.
    God Bless him and you his admirers for your continuing interest in the World we live in and the people within it.

  5. Hei Milli

    Grand tribute to a grand man!

    My tribute to JOHN O is in ere.

  6. Milli..yepper John is smiling about this one I know..and John is so multidimensional ..his blogs are always a joy to go to..and a perfect shot and memory for him ..thank you

    Gators Tribute to
    John Oh, the Penguin

  7. Very nice tribute and thank you for visiting mine...Milli he seems to really have affected many I keep for getting my link but thank you for the visit as well.

  8. Wonderfully thought out and unique tribute!

  9. lol... yeah the Pengy would definitely appreciate the *ahem* attributes of this photo, lol... well chosen!

  10. Beautiful snap n flowers too but sorry to hear u will be missing one of us ..may god bless his sincere condolences