Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gator's Triple Play ~ Red Sky At Night ~

Red sky at night,
Sailor's delight;
Red sky at morning,
Sailor's warning.




Before there was anything like weather forecasting as there is today with High Tech equipment constantly in use,

The Sailors and also Shepherd's and Farmers and those who worked in the elements had their own form of weather forecasting,

Hence the verse at the beginning of my post.

The sunset indeed was the most brilliant red on this particular night, after a tropical storm made its way across this state. Unfortunately I did not manage to get any of the lightening in a frame, whilst capturing the beauty of this tropical stormy night.

There is always a certainty about the weather following us wherever we might go and Crowded House a New Zealand Band from the 80s and 90s tell the story well with their song..

Always Take The Weather With You.....

And is this an understatement, because The Weather, is in the top category of conversation topics and conversation starters, throughout the world.


Walking 'round the room singing
Stormy Weather
at 57 Mt. Pleasant St.
Now it's the same room but everything's different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream

Things ain't cookin' in my kitchen
Strange affliction wash over me
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
Couldn't conquer the blue sky

There's a small boat made of china
Going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released

Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you


  1. ahhh milli glad to see you lady..and those words were burn into my mind at a young age and as a sailor they still ring true today...the shot is eerie and as marvelous as only a storm can make them....what id call spooky kewl..and i havent heard crowded house in years and a perfect song for your again this week you have ended up with a splendid triple play

    Gators Triple
    Play #16

  2. Ahhh,,,,,Crowded house......a.k.a Split enz....a.k.a. the Finn brothers......
    the best singer/song wrtiters to ever come out of that small Pacific country, New Zealand.....
    And you chose one of their finer songs ...............................
    coupled to a simply gorgeous phot of an Australian night sky.......
    married up to an ancient bit of weather forecasting.............
    You certianly out-smarted yourself today....... will you top this week?
    "twould be a challenge for you to

  3. I am sooooo loving this one Milli! The picture is so eerie (i know gator already said it but there is no other word for it lol) but eerie in a very cool way! Your words painted the picture perfectly and all tied in with the most perfect song! Job well done Milli! Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  4. Wow Milli, what a fab sunset image and I'm a big fan of the Finns lol. Super TP and I so agree, where ever you go your behind is behind you and the weather as well lol

  5. A great triple Milli. Love the photo. Although I can't stream vid at the moment, I know the song well and it's a good 'un !!!

  6. You can defiantly seethe increase in Humidity there.
    Never Mind.
    Rain before seven fine by eleven, but don't shed a clout before May is out. (UK)

  7. Great job Milli. Sorry I can only guess at the photo as the color is gone again on my screen and all I see is a black sky. I did like your verse and music choices though and will take others words of the spectacular photo.

  8. Really nice triple play Milli, All the pieces go together well. I have noticed that as I get older, my bones can tell me what weather is coming!

  9. You are so creative with these photo games. I would never be able to find music and words that go together. Your photos looks a lot like some of our sunrises and sunsets here in the Texas panhandle. Lots of red. Yours looks almost like a fire just beyond the horizon. Nice job.

  10. Thanks for the visit and the lovely comments here. I so enjoyed reading your comments and I want to say that you are ALL such a great group of friends. Makes putting these Triples together such a joy for me.
    Big hugs to you all....Milli xo

  11. oh my gosh, apparently the updates didn't show back up in my inbox and if i had not manually checked gators site, i would have missed this, and that would have been a terrible shame, milli that photo is BEAUTIFUL!!
    there is a lot of truth to that form of weather forcasting, i've always loved that verse.
    never heard this song, before, perfect and fitting. fantastic job here!