Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poetry Posse # Quatrain ~ Celebration

Poetry Posse




We are going to do Quatrain, a stanza of four lines. Yes, we did this before and it was pretty easy. Very simple. Only four lines... but I ain't telling what the theme is... yet. 

You will find out this Sunday.

And oh, the theme will be set individually, meaning each of you will be writing a Quatrain depending on what is assigned to you.

Thanks to Minorkey I have these riveting four words to use in my quatrain and still try to keep with the theme of Celebration.

My four words are :

For Milli:


Photo borrowed from the web
Glabella enhanced elegantly gold and red
Mastication slowed when she is fed
Pewter wine goblet from dressed table
Jewelled sandals keeping her stable.


  1. damn woman, you are fast! *clap clap* you made a rather interesting quatrain on the celebration of a woman's vanity. so proud of you ^^ and you did make use of the words excellently! yay!

  2. Thanks Deity and I can not wait to read Yours!!!!

  3. wow you did a fabulous job Milli.....


    this aint easy

  4. Thanks Heather..LOL I know it is not easy but hey it is a great challenge all the same...waiting for yours now.

  5. Glabella
    Minorkey is two words.

    No such word in English for Glabella
    Jewelled with pewter he was a funny fellow.
    Mastication took longer than drinking his tea.
    Sit next to me not likely, not in a Minor Key.
    PS His Dad was a Jockey. lol

    Looks like I have messed up here by writing this?

  6. Goodness me..a Jockey? LOL
    Funny Bill.

    gla⋅bel⋅la  /gləˈbɛlə/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [gluh-bel-uh] Show IPA
    –noun, plural -bel⋅lae  /-ˈbɛli/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [-bel-ee] Show IPA . Anatomy. the flat area of bone between the eyebrows, used as a craniometric point.


    1590–1600; < NL, fem. of L glabellus smooth, hairless, equiv. to glaber without hair, smooth + -lus dim. suffix; cf. castellum

    This is the meaning of the word Bill..Thanks for joining me here.

  7. So glad you loved this Dana..smiles.

  8. Thank you I don't think I have one?

  9. Oh that place. Well I never.
    I start there when trimming my eyebrows when my wife feels down in the dumps.
    She always laughs at the bald strips.
    So it's the bit in the middle about 2 feet above the middle.
    I think Electric razors have a mind of their own with my forehead starting behind my ears. lol
    No joke really to be asked, "Polish or Trim"? went finding a Barber.

  10. no sobbing, as you haven't seen your prompt words yet.

    *evil smile*

  11. WE learn something new everyday Bill and now you can say to that barber.."short back n sides and clear up my glabella.....Good fella" LOL
    Oh my this opens up so many possibilities for you Bill LOL.

  12. You sure came up with a great quatrain -- and so fast! Fantastic /:-)

  13. first off...i love the obviously....coz its all indian stuff and i love wearing my bangles and that tikka on her forehead

    and wow mills....that quatrain is excellent.....its really nicely done....look at he words smartass gave you......well done..

  14. I know his answer.
    "You never caught it here."
    Stop it I am beginning to itch. lol

  15. I was scared for you Milli... but dang girl... you showed him! LOL
    I love this visual poem and the photo. You go girl!
    Mine is a little lower key (so I guess that makes it minor... LOL)

  16. is that Milli ? really ?...U look fabulous...thanks for sharing....SANAT.

  17. Well done, MIlli! You took four odd words and made something beautiful with them!

  18. Milli, me dear, tis time ya sauntered back our way ... and come claim thy award. Congrats!! 8=)

  19. I am so thrilled and honoured to have been chosen, Dear Deity and Bill and I place my award here with so much pleasure and pride. Thank you.